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EastEnders fans rally behind Walford favourite after his shocking arrest: ‘Justice for Freddie Slater’

Surely, Freddie can't go down for this?

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In EastEnders last night (Wednesday, October 4), the police arrested Freddie for the attempted murder of Theo.

The police put him in handcuffs and escorted him into a police car in shocking scenes.

EastEnders fans have now rallied behind the Walford favourite after his shocking arrest, demanding: ‘Justice for Freddie Slater.’

EastEnders' Freddie is in handcuffs outside of the door
Freddie was arrested (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Freddie’s shocking arrest

Last night, Freddie panicked in the aftermath of his attack on Theo as Stacey tried to calm him down.

Eve then turned up and saw Theo unconscious on the floor, trying to think of a plan. She then told Stacey to grab a weapon of Theo’s so that they could make the break-in look obvious.

Stacey put on some gloves and rushed to grab a wrench from Theo’s car before placing it next to him.

As the police turned up, they started questioning Freddie as he made out that he attacked Theo in self defence.

Freddie was then arrested for attempted murder as the paramedics wheeled Theo into an ambulance.

EastEnders' Freddie is on the floor as Theo lies unconscious
Fans want to protect Freddie at all costs (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans rally behind Freddie and demand justice

After Freddie’s arrest, EastEnders fans have now rallied behind Freddie and have demanded justice for him.

They can’t face seeing Freddie go to prison, demanding that he be let off lightly.

One fan demanded: “Justice for Freddie Slater. He’s never put a foot wrong in his life. FREE THE WALFORD ONE!”



Another person wrote: “EastEnders is so stupid and if Freddie goes to jail I’m over it.”


EastEnders' Freddie is angry
Will Freddie go down? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Will Freddie go to prison?

Freddie’s just been arrested but will he end up going to prison for attempted murder?

With Bobby Brazier set to take a break from the soap whilst he’s on Strictly, will this mean that Freddie goes down for the attack?

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Freddie Is ARRESTED! 🚨 | Walford REEvisited | Eastenders

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