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EastEnders fans predict affair for Stacey and another Walford resident after spotting chemistry

Jack's been protecting Stacey

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In Monday night’s episode of EastEnders (September 18), Jack tried to protect Stacey from Theo by agreeing to help her get an interim stalking protection order.

He promised to protect Stacey from Theo if he ever tried to harm her.

EastEnders fans have now predicted an affair for Stacey and Jack after spotting chemistry.

EastEnders' Jack is concerned
Jack helped Stacey with Theo (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Jack helped Stacey

On Monday night, Stacey got a right fright when she bumped into Theo in the Square gardens. Jack noticed that Stacey was upset and tried to comfort her as much as he could.

He vowed to help her as he told her that they were more than neighbours now, they shared a granddaughter.

Jack then promised to help Stacey get an interim stalking protection order against Theo.

He also promised to protect Stacey should Theo try to harm her in any way.

EastEnders' Stacey is worried
Fans have spotted chemistry between Jack and Stacey (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans predict affair for Stacey and Jack

As Jack set out to protect Stacey, EastEnders fans have now predicted that Jack and Stacey will have an affair after spotting chemistry between them.

One fan predicted: “Jack and Stacey are bound to have an affair, it’s so obvious”


Another viewer tweeted: “I can definitely smell a Jack and Stacey affair coming,” to which another fan replied: “I agree it’s obvious. Whenever soap writers suddenly put two characters in each other’s orbit. Jack and Stacey will kiss soon.”

A final fan wondered: “I think Jack and Stacey are going to end up sleeping together. Could be interesting given her and Denise are both part of The Six. Could they be rivals by Christmas?”

EastEnders' Stacey is serious
Will Stacey turn to Jack for more than a shoulder to cry on? (Credit: BBC)

Will Jack and Stacey have an affair?

Jack’s promised to help keep Stacey safe and is desperate to protect baby Charli too.

But, will he and Stacey get closer as a result of this ordeal? Will Jack and Stacey have an affair as a chemistry between them develops?

One fan has wondered whether their affair leads to Jack being the Christmas victim. As Denise is wearing green in her The Six outfit, this has lead viewers to wondering if she’s ‘green with envy’ – envy over Stacey and Jack’s affair.

Stacey also referred to Jack as her ‘knight in shining armour’ and there is a knight standing behind her in the flashforward.

One wrote: “I know people are probably thinking why would Jack be a potential victim when he hasn’t done anything but recently theories have been circulating about Jack and Stacey having an affair. Perhaps they do and it comes out on Christmas Day, leading to Denise killing him in a jealous rage.

“For anyone who saw my Denise thread, you will know that it is clear her six colour is ‘green with envy’ so alongside the Ravi situation, she could also be envious of Jack’s affair with Stacey. Stacey also has blood on her hands.”

Another added: “Did anyone else notice Stacey say in reference to Jack, ‘my knight in shining armour’… Could this be a nod not only to an affair, but also the Christmas ep?”

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