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EastEnders fans left reeling as soap spoiler disproves fan theory

The soap has defied prediction

Fans of EastEnders have been left reeling after new spoilers revealed a popular online theory to be untrue. This twist comes amidst Jay Brown’s spiralling depression after the death of wife Lola.

In recent weeks, Jay has continued to struggle with Lola’s death. He has turned to escort Nadine for support, comforted by her resemblance to Lola.

Jay has been spending his nights at Nadine’s house, sleeping in her bed. Although their relationship isn’t physical, he has been able to rest in her presence.

As the storyline progressed, several fans developed a popular theory about Jay and Nadine – namely that she is a figment of his heartbreak-addled mind.

However, latest spoilers for the soap would appear to contradict that theory.

Callum talks to Nadine on EastEnders
Is Callum about to discover Jay’s secret? (Credit: BBC)

Callum meets Nadine

Latest EastEnders spoilers have revealed that Callum will discover Jay’s secret after a chance meeting with Nadine. Callum is left feeling amused when she tries to pick him up, revealing to her that he is, in fact, a police officer.

But when he sees Jay together later on, Callum begins to suspect that something is amiss.

Will Callum realise what Jay has been up to?

Jay talking to Nadine on EastEnders
Fans have had their theories about Jay and Nadine (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans respond to Callum and Nadine spoiler

Reacting to the newly released pictures, one frustrated fan shared their disappointment on a Reddit thread. Some had been convinced that Jay is hallucinating his time with Nadine.

“Well there goes that theory. Damn… I legit thought she was imaginary!!” the fan wrote.

“People don’t hallucinate that extensively and consistently, so she has to be real. There is no way someone could hallucinate like this and function during the day. This would be a complete psychotic break,” another said, pointing out the reality of the situation.

“I saw other theories about that too, that he was actually at Lola’s grave / squatting at an abandoned house the whole time,” another said, after another asked where Nadine’s house would have fit in.

Jay on the sofa, scrolling his phone on EastEnders
Grieving Jay’s journey is far from over (Credit: BBC)

Jay’s depression to reach all-new lows

Jay may not be hallucinating Nadine, but things are far from rosy about his future. The Sun reported this week that grieving Jay may turn to drugs in an attempt to alleviate his pain.

A source reportedly told the paper: “It’s a controversial storyline, bringing ketamine into millions of homes up and down the country.

“But the important messages here involving the dangers of hard drugs. Dabbling with ketamine proves a serious wake-up call to Jay. Viewers will be on the edge their seats.”

Can Jay find the help he needs before it’s too late?

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