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Coronation Street spoilers: Stu arrested for attacking police officer as Eliza runs away

Eliza chooses Dom over Stu

In Coronation Street spoilers for next week, Stu’s arrested as Eliza runs away and skips school to visit her dad.

With Stu desperate to keep Eliza safe, his anger sees him strike a police officer and get himself arrested.

But will this all go in Dom’s favour in his battle for Eliza in Coronation Street spoilers?

Eliza doesn’t want to live with Stu anymore (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Eliza runs away

Next week, Alya tries to give Stu some reassurance, telling him that Eliza will soon see Dom for who he really is.

However, it’s not long before Eliza breaks Stu’s heart by revealing that she wants to live with Dom instead of him.

Later on, Stu gets a call from Eliza’s school explaining that she didn’t turn up for class in the morning.

Worried after thinking that she’d gone to school early, Stu heads to Dom’s house.

He starts accusing Dom of kidnapping Eliza in the night but soon realises that Eliza ran away on her own accord. She wants to live with Dom now. But, can Stu change her mind?

Stu makes matters worse for himself (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Stu arrested

With Stu keen to sort out the situation, he calls a social worker to bring Eliza back home.

The social worker arrives with a police officer, ready to bring Eliza back to Stu’s.

However, the social worker, Felicity, tells Stu that it’s best if Eliza stays with Dom for the time being.

Stu’s livid and is ushered away by the police officer. However, Stu accidentally smacks him in the face, leading to his arrest.

Dom’s delighted as the situation goes in his favour, watching on as Stu’s arrested for assault.

As the social worker later tells Stu that Eliza wants to stay with Dom, Stu’s devastated. But, will Eliza return back home to Stu?

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