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Coronation Street SPOILERS: Sally plots to push Geoff out

Sally makes a generous offer to Alya

Coronation Street spoilers show Sally has an idea to help Alya get Geoff of Speed Daal. But will it work?

Next week, Alya confides in Imran that she’s decided to tell Imran that she’s decided to sell her share in Speed Daal in order to distance herself from Geoff. Imran’s shocked by Alya’s decision.

Alya goes to visit Yasmeen in hospital and tells her about Elaine’s disappearance and how she and Sally suspect that Geoff is behind it.

Sally offers Alya her wedding money (Credit: ITV)

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Yasmeen asserts that while Geoff is still at large, she feels safer being in prison.

Sally later suggests to Alya that she should buy Geoff out of the business and offers her the wedding money, pointing out it rightfully belongs to Yasmeen anyway.

Geoff refuses to be bought out

Geoff killed off Coronation Street
Geoff is furious to learn Alya has Sally and Tim’s wedding money (Credit: ITV)

When Geoff refuses to let Alya buy him out of Speed Daal she takes great delight in telling him that Sally was giving her the money that he gave her for the wedding.

Hearing this, Geoff is furious. But how will Tim react?

Sally later apologises to Tim for giving Alya the money without consulting him first. But she assures him that they can still have a wedding.

Sally tells Tim they can still get married (Credit: ITV)

A spiteful Geoff tells Sally that Tim will always choose him over her as blood is thicker than water.

Will Geoff ever see his dad’s true colours?

Coronation Street: Has Geoff killed Elaine?

Recently, Geoff’s first wife turned up on the cobbles and revealed she is actually Tim’s mum. But she was abused by Geoff and he made her fear for her life, so she had to leave Tim as a baby and cut contact.

When Geoff learnt Elaine was around and could possibly blow his cover, he warned her to keep away form his family.

Will Elaine help Yasmeen in Corrie? (Credit: ITV)
Elaine went missing (Credit: ITV)

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However she has now gone missing and viewers saw Geoff with Elaine’s phone. He put her sim card down the drain. But where has Elaine gone to?

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