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Coronation Street fans all say the same thing as Billy is suspended

Billy will work even less now

Last night in Coronation Street (Tuesday, October 3), Billy got suspended from his job at the church after the Bishop found out about his wedding.

After spotting a photo of Billy and Paul’s church wedding on the floor, the Bishop made the decision to suspend Billy as Archdeacon.

Coronation Street fans are all now saying the same thing as Billy is suspended.

Coronation Street's Billy is at the radio station
Billy defended himself but at a cost (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Billy was suspended

Yesterday, the Bishop visited Billy in his flat and told him that he’d seen a polaroid picture of him and Paul getting married in the Church.

Billy told the Bishop that he didn’t have time to wait for a blessing as Paul was dying.

The Bishop told Billy that he didn’t condone Billy’s actions but would not press the matter any further.

However, he later returned to say that the news had got out and the parishioners weren’t happy about it.

Billy then went to a radio station and defended himself, explaining that the rules of the church were wrong for not letting him marry in front of his God.

After listening to the radio interview, the Bishop then called Billy and revealed that he was to be suspended from his role of Archdeacon.

Coronation Street's Billy is at the radio station, being interviewed
Fans have noted that Billy never went to work anyway (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans all say the same thing about Billy

Coronation Street fans have all been left saying the same thing about Billy as he gets suspended from his role in the church.

They’ve noted that he’s never in work as it is so it won’t make much difference as to whether he’s suspended or not.

One Corrie fan wrote: “Catching up… Billy no-church finally has no church!”

Another Coronation Street viewer said: “Billy’s been suspended. Will anyone notice?”

A third person noted: “Now Billy has been suspended he’ll be able to spend even more time not being a vicar.”

A final viewer questioned: “To be fair, when was the last time anyone saw Billy do anything vicary? I doubt anyone will notice he’s gone!”

Will Billy get his job back? (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Will Billy get his job back?

As it stands, Billy’s been suspended as some parishioners continue to share their disapproval.

But, can Billy’s supporters rally around and help him to get his job back? However, let’s face it, did he even work at all to start with?

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Billy Stands Up To The Church | Coronation Street

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