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Royals have ‘pulled the drawbridge up’ on Prince Harry after his ‘unforgivable’ actions ahead of Queen’s death anniversary

'He's hurt them'

With the first anniversary of the Queen‘s death around the corner, the royal family reportedly may not want Prince Harry to be a part of their “private and special” commemoration plans.

The royal family will privately commemorate the first anniversary of the late Queen’s death on Friday (September 8). According to former royal butler Paul Burrell, they have “pulled the drawbridge up” on Harry. He insists that his actions over the last year are “unforgivable”.

In a new interview with Slingo, Paul also mentioned that the alleged royal rift has “grown so wide now”.

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Paul insists that Harry’s actions toward his family are “unforgivable” (Credit:

‘Harry is no longer invited to family functions’

While it hasn’t been confirmed, Paul believes the royal family are sticking together and have joined forces not to have Harry included in their plans. “They feel hurt by his comments in many different outlets now,” he said.

“This goes on for quite a few years before the Queen’s death and I think they feel it’s unforgivable what he’s done and said, and so why would they want to embrace him on a day which is very close to their hearts.”

“So I think the King will be spending this time at Balmoral with his Queen, and his family around him. It’ll be his choosing for the anniversary,” he added. Paul noted that “Harry is no longer invited to family functions”.

Paul also claimed that Harry’s family no longer sees him as royal. “He’s a celebrity,” he said.

“He’s hurt them: he’s hurt his father, his brother, sister-in-law, his stepmother. I mean, really, he’s been quite ruthless in hurting so many people.”

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Prince Harry is not invited to family functions, according to Paul Burrell (Credit:

The royal family ‘keeping a distance’ from Harry?

The royals are said to be “suspicious” of Harry and Meghan Markle, especially after their Netflix series and Harry’s tell-all memoir.

I think they feel it’s unforgivable what he’s done and said.

“I think what they’re doing is keeping him out of family occasions, keeping a distance from him,” Paul said. “They’re on guard, they’re really on guard and they’ve been burned by Harry and they don’t want to go there again and it’s only a year since his grandmother, our Queen, died.”

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The royal family are reportedly “suspicious” of Harry and Meghan after their Netflix series (Credit:

Meanwhile, Paul believes that if anyone were to make a tribute, it should be Prince William and Kate.

“I think if anybody’s going to be sent out as foot soldiers from the royal family, it’s going to be Kate and William and that’s their place and that’s how it should be,” he added. “It’s a day of quiet contemplation and respect for our Queen in the home in which she died.”

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