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Warwick Davis on heartbreak of losing two children: ‘It was a tough time’

Warwick opened up about his devastating losses back in 2018

Tenable host Warwick Davis once made a heartbreaking confession about losing two children.

At the time, he revealed: “That kind of stuff just makes you stronger”. The star – who’s gameshow is on today (Friday, September 15) on ITV – opened up about his devastating losses back in 2018.

Warwick Davis
Warwick opened up back in 2018 (Credit: CoverImages.com)

Warwick Davis’ children

Back in 2018, during an episode of Bear Grylls‘ show, Bear’s Mission With, Warwick opened up on the heartbreak of losing two children.

Warwick has Spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita, a rare bone growth disorder that results in dwarfism. His wife Samantha has achondroplasia.

Their first child together, Lloyd, inherited both of their conditions. However, this sadly led to Lloyd passing away shortly after his birth.

“Prior to Annabelle and Harrison we had a baby boy, Lloyd, who inherited both our conditions… and that is something that proves fatal,” Warwick told Bear at the time.

Warwick Davis and Samantha
Warwick and Samantha have been married since 1991 (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Warwick Davis talks about his children’s deaths

Warwick said: “It’s something that a baby won’t survive. But Lloyd he lived for nine days, but yeah he was beautiful.”

However, that wasn’t the end of the heartbreak for Warwick and Samantha.

Their second son, George, was stillborn at 19 weeks. Warwick then continued, saying: “It was a tough time. And yeah, we had a stillborn [George] too.”

However, he and Samantha have managed to live out the pain of their losses together.

“That kind of stuff, it just makes you stronger,” he said at the time. “You have to take the positive from it, you can’t dwell on the negatives. Although, it still can move you thinking back.”

Warwick and Samantha have since had two children together – Annabelle, 25, and Harrison, 19. Both have dwarfism.

Warwick Davis and family
Warwick and Samantha have two children (Credit: CoverImages.com)

Warwick on his dwarfism

Speaking to HTF back in 2019, Warwick opened up about his dwarfism and how it has affected his life.

The actor revealed that thanks to his parents, from a young age he knew never to see his disability as something to hold him back.

“Embrace what you’re given in life and use that to your best advantage. The world can indeed be restrictive in its attitudes towards people with disabilities,” he said.

“Never see it as a disadvantage because other people will. They’ll do that for you. So, all you got to do is see it as an advantage and how you can make the best life from what you’ve been given,” he continued.

“I’ll always have a go, and in that way, I’ll never look back and have regrets,” he added.

Earlier this year, Warwick’s son, Harisson celebrated his 20th birthday. “Happy 20th birthday to my amazing son, @HarrisonWDavis!” Warwick tweeted.

“The best stunt double any actor could wish for. I’m so proud of what you’ve achieved in your 20 years on this planet.”

Meanwhile, his daughter, Annabelle, made her Hollyoaks debut earlier this year!

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Tenable airs on ITV1 and ITVX at 3pm today (Friday, September 15).

Sepsis warning: Warwick Davis and his wife on how she nearly died | ITV News

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