Tina Malone’s mysterious tweeting following festive ‘drug scandal’

She's breaking her silence - sort of

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Tina Malone has thus far kept a discreet silence following her alleged arrest for cocaine possession over the Christmas period.

Concerned fans have been left a little in the dark about what really happened, in the absence of any word from Tina herself.

However, although the Shameless actress seemingly isn’t ready to break her silence directly, she may have been giving fans an indication of how she’s feeling through retweets.

As well as retweeting the messages of support you would expect her to have received from fans, Tina also broadcast messages that appeared to be heavily critical.

In one instance she even retweeted a news story about her alleged drugs bust.

So over the space of a few days, she retweeted one message that read: “That woman @TinaMalone23 would do anything for anyone! Genuine salt of the earth! One of the kindest people I know! [Bleep] you!”

But earlier, she’d shared one that said about her: “Ermmm she’s quick enough to slate and rip other people apart for there mistakes but can’t take it when she’s in the wrong.”

The scandal started before Christmas when Tina was allegedly arrested after a pantomime performance of Sleeping Beauty.

According to tabloid reports, the 54-year-old was arrested and cautioned for possession of cocaine – however, these reports have not been substantiated.

Before Tina’s departure from the panto, The Mirror  claimed that the actress had been a troublesome member of the cast up until her sacking.

A source said: “She was an absolute nightmare. There was only one working toilet backstage and she would just sit in it for hours saying she was smoking.

“If you tried to go in she would scream and shout at you, even the kids were sworn at.”

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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