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Miriam Margolyes hints at Phillip Schofield drama on This Morning


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This Morning guest Miriam Margolyes raised eyebrows as she alluded to the “ghastly” Phillip Schofield fallout during the show recently.

The 82-year-old’s comment came during a live phone-in with viewers on September 13.

The national treasure returns to screens with her Miriam Margolyes: Australia Unmasked on Sunday night on BBC Two (October 1). 

Miriam Margolyes
Miriam was on the show recently (Credit: ITV)

Miriam Margoyles back on This Morning

The edition of This Morning saw fan favourite Miriam make a return to the show. The Harry Potter star was on the show to discuss her new book, as well as host a live phone-in with viewers.

The phone-in was typically ‘Miriam’ with her hilarious comments and swearing leaving Holly Willoughby and Josie Gibson in stitches.

However, things took a more serious turn when Miriam alluded to the Phillip Schofield fallout towards the end of the phone-in with a well-meaning but possibly unwelcome comment aimed at Holly.

The final question sent in by a viewer asked Miriam how they could improve their self-confidence.

“I know I seem very confident to you and to the people who see me on television,” Miriam said. “But inside, I’m not.”

Josie Gibson and Holly Willoughby on This Morning
Miriam made a shock comment towards Holly (Credit: ITV)

Miriam Margolyes alludes to Schofield fallout on This Morning

Miriam then continued. “I think you have to breathe and think that you’re a good person. You’re doing the best you can.”

It was at this point that Miriam alluded to the Phillip Schofield fallout that has been rocking ITV since May.

“It’s really difficult,” Miriam said before turning to Holly.

“I mean, you must feel the same thing. You know when people were at you, it must have been ghastly,” Miriam then said.

“Yeah, I mean everybody feels it,” Holly then replied in an attempt to gently shut it down.

Miriam then continued, issuing the viewer with some heartfelt advice on how to improve their self-confidence.

You can watch the moment below:

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Phillip’s ‘inconceivable’ new life following scandal

Speaking of Phillip, the star’s “inconceivable” new life following his exit from ITV and television in general has been revealed.

According to sources who have spoken to The Mail, the former star’s life has changed in ways that would have been “inconceivable” to him a year ago.

Phillip Schofield
A lot has changed for Phillip (Credit: BBC)

Phillip’s life now apparently consists of taking solo walks, attending weekly therapy sessions, and helping his ex-wife with odd jobs.

“He is spending a lot of time talking to a therapist, at least once a week. That’s what he is mainly doing right now, reflecting on what he did wrong and trying to come to terms with his new life. It has all been an incredible shock for him and he is struggling to get his head around it,” the source said.

“He feels like he needs to have someone professional to talk it all through with. The situation has put a lot of stress on his family and he decided that he needed another outlet,” they then added.

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Miriam Margolyes: Australia Unmasked is on BBC Two Sunday (October 1) from 9.30pm.

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