Roman Kemp announces he’s leaving Capital Radio as fans ‘heartbroken’

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Roman Kemp recently announced he will be stepping back from Capital Radio after nearly 10 years with the company.

The star, 31, issued a statement on Monday to confirm the news as he said the decision to leave hasn’t been easy.

Roman said he believes it’s time to “give my chair at the table to someone else”. Since then, fellow radio DJ Nick Grimshaw spoke out and revealed Roman’s hidden struggle behind the scenes.

Roman Kemp on Capital Radio
Radio star Roman is leaving Capital after almost 10 years (Credit: YouTube/Capital Radio)

Roman Kemp leaving Capital Radio show

Roman’s statement read in full: “This is going to be my last few weeks on Capital. Having spent nearly 10 years with this company it’s not a decision that just happened overnight. And it’s not one that I’ve found easy at all.

“Capital is my family. You as the wonderful listener have been there for me at my best, and you’ve been there at my absolute lowest to pull me back to happiness.”

He continued: “Capital and Global Radio helped make me the man I am, it is all I know. But I know it’s now time for me to leave.

It’s not a decision that just happened overnight and it’s not one that I’ve found easy at all.

“What I would like to do over the next few weeks is get to know as many of you as possible on air. If you’ve never texted into this show or came on and played a game or through the pandemic wanted to call in just for a chat then I want to hear from you.

“When I started this show I was told to remember it’s like a table at the pub with your friends and one chair is empty so the listener can come and join the laughs. Well, now it’s time for me to give my chair at the table to someone else. Lots of love, Ro.”

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Nick Grimshaw on Roman

Speaking to the Mirror this week, Nick said of Roman’s radio exit: “He’s smashed it. He’s done breakfast for what, seven years? I saw him not so long ago and he said ‘Mate…. so tired’.

“It’s the dream job but you have to totally commit to it. I loved Breakfast so much, but you probably physically can’t do it forever and you shouldn’t do forever.”

He added: “It’s fun, but it’s intense to be up and at ’em every day. Roman is always on the telly too, so goodness knows how he did it!”

Nick Grimshaw posing at event
Nick said Roman had told him he was “tired” (Credit: Cover Images)

What did Roman say on air?

On air on Monday, Roman – the son of singer Martin Kemp and wife Shirlie – told listeners: “What I can tell you is I’m not saying goodbye right now, I’m going to leave the show today and that’s it, but it’s not far away.

“It will come and that goodbye will come in five to six weeks. It’s not a decision that has come overnight either, it’s massive, I’ve not found it easy at all.

“Capital is my family, you as the wonderful listeners that you’ve been, you’ve been with me at my best times and my absolute lowest… Capital and Global have helped change me.”

Meanwhile, he added: “I know that now is the right time to leave and now is the right time to move on.”

Roman Kemp smiling at press event
Fans appear gutted to see Roman leave Capital (Credit: Cover Images)

Roman’s last show will air on March 28. Fans appear gutted by the news. Many admitted feeling heartbroken.

One said online: “I am absolutely heartbroken, literally in the car sobbing to work thank you for the best 10 years on the radio.”

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In addition, another wrote: “I am HEARTBROKEN. Me and the kids listen on the school run every single day. You will be missed Ro for sure!!!”

Meanwhile, someone else said: “You’re literally the heart and soul of Capital. Won’t be the same without you!! Good luck with everything.”

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