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Roman Kemp admits he left Capital job because of friend’s suicide: ‘Imagine a tragedy happening in your house, you’d want to move’

Roman joined Capital in 2014

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Roman Kemp has revealed a key reason behind leaving his role at Capital FM.

The 31-year-old star recently hosted his final show on the radio station – nine years after joining back in 2014.

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Roman Kemp leaves Capital

Last week saw Roman host his final show on Capital FM. During his farewell, the radio host admitted he was “nervous” about moving on.

“I know that there is a lot of people listening right now, and I wanted to take the time to say thank you,” Roman confessed.

“I was more nervous about saying I was leaving than actually leaving this show,” he then continued.

“This show is run by so many people behind the scenes who try so hard to give you that bit of energy in the morning and to try and get you up and feeling good, but I think what I want to get across is just how much fun I’ve had on this station in the past 10 years,” he then said.

“It has changed my life in so many ways and I have grown up in this place, and that’s because of all of you listening. You have been able to be there for me through things that I never imagined would even happen.”

Roman Kemp at the Brits
Roman has left Capital (Credit:

Roman Kemp reveals real reason he quit Capital FM

However, now, Roman has revealed that one of the main reasons he quit was due to the death of his close friend and producer, Joe Lyons.

Joe died by suicide back in August 2020. Roman has since confessed he feels like he’s living “that same day” over and over since.

He made the heartbreaking admission during a recent interview with The Mirror.

“I need this time for myself. I’ve been at that company (Global) for 10 years, on that show for seven now. I’ve tried to spin the plates and tried to do everything and I’ve realised it’s getting in the way of my life. You can’t enjoy your own life,” he said.

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Roman lost his close friend in 2020 (Credit: BBC)

Roman on leaving radio hosting gig behind

The star – who is the son of Martin Kemp – continued.

“If you think of a radio show, every day you’ve got to go out in front of the public and dance and every now and then you’ve got to give yourself a rest and I’ve not been doing that for myself.  It came to that point of ‘I need to leave this behind now’,” he then said.

He then spoke about how Joe’s death was related to his decision to leave.

“It’s to do what happened for me. That sounds wild but I mean it, it’s not normal, imagine a tragedy happened in your house you’re going to want to move,” he said.


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