Mums aren’t happy with the John Lewis Christmas ad

Is the latest advert REALLY that scary?

After waiting practically 365 days since the last John Lewis Christmas advert, it seems that finally, after its release, some members of the public are not very happy.

With this week’s frenzy about the high street giant’s latest offering, it appears that they could be finally going off the boil following their many successes over the years.

We all love a good tug at the heartstrings, even a tear to the eye is acceptable, but terrifying children everywhere?

That doesn’t sound like a John Lewis ad to us.

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Some parents have taken to social media to complain about new character Moz The Monster, even blasting the advert for scaring children.


If you haven’t caught up with the advert yet, it’s all about a young boy called Joe, who discovers he has a monster called Moz living under his bed.

Frightened at first, the boy eventually becomes friends with the big fluffy grey giant, and the pair share many nights of fun together.

But some parents are concerned that their children will watch the advert and be convinced that monsters really DO live under beds.

Even though the ad features the soothing soundtrack of Elbow’s Golden Slumbers, it seems it’s all a bit too much for some…

This year’s charity benefiting the advert is actually children’s charity Barnado’s.

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Others seem to think Moz is more fun and caring than scary…

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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