Model quits fashion industry after being told she is “too fat”

Delleny Mourao weighs less than eight stone

A model, weighing under eight stone has confessed she quit the job after being told she was “too fat”.

Delleny Mourao made the decision to get out after she saw fellow models being mistreated and pushed to make dangerous decisions that affect their health.

The 20-year-old revealed the extreme lengths girls would go to stay as thin as possible, at the request of managers.

She told how some models would only eat handfuls of food a day while others passed out from starving themselves.

Delleny quit because she could feel herself getting depressed.

She also developed health problems such as anaemia and constant fatigue.

She landed several gigs in modelling, including Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

But after spending a short while in the city, she realised the way models were treated was unhealthy and psychological pressure was put on the women.

In a social media post, Delleny told her fans that her manager considered her too fat and her agency had also cancelled her contract because she “didn’t meet the measurements”.


She said: “In [my pictures], you can see clearly that I was and still am a very skinny person. I weigh almost 50 kilos [11lbs].

“I saw girls going to supermarkets for food samples and that was basically their lunch.

“I saw booking agents giving models laxatives and on other occasions I saw girls fainting for not eating.”

She also said she once saw a talent scout “helping a model get an abortion” – In Brazil, abortion is illegal unless in cases of rape or a danger to a woman’s life.

She continued: “Every day he [model director] would kill me in exercises and with poor diets.

“I got sick and anaemic. Every day I wondered if that sacrifice was worth it.

“I turned 20 in August and I couldn’t celebrate because I was very depressed.

“I knew that age was too old for fashion, was beyond even being fat for them.

“The whole system is disgusting, unprofessional and inhuman. This is the world of fashion, which uses persuasion and manipulation, promising a world of glamour.”

Good for you for getting out of it Delleny!

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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