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Lorraine Kelly emotionally reflects on her miscarriage grief: ‘I wonder what might have been’

Sad loss happened over 20 years ago

Lorraine Kelly has discussed on the enduring impact of the grief she has gone through, 20 years on from suffering a devastating miscarriage.

The host of ITV’s Lorraine has previously addressed her own sad experience with miscarriage on her show.

But recently, the 64-year-old presenter reflected on an alternative life “that didn’t happen” that might have seen her and husband Steve Smith add to their family.

The daughter Rosie, now 29, was five when her mum lost a baby.

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Lorraine and her husband Steve are parents to daughter Rosie (Credit: YouTube)

Lorraine Kelly on her miscarriage and grief

Speaking to Saga magazine, telly presenter Lorraine noted she was aware at the time of her pregnancy loss how such a devastating event can affect everyone in the family.

However, she also expressed she was glad issues concerning miscarriage and loss are now discussed more openly.

“Sometimes I wonder what might have been. You’ve got this parallel life that didn’t happen,” Lorraine said.

Lorraine Kelly wearing a beige dress on the Lorraine Kelly show ITV
Lorraine Kelly on being a parent again with husband Steve: ‘It didn’t happen for us’ (Credit: ITV / Lorraine)

‘A ripple effect’

Lorraine also pondered how she was told at the time that such a loss was “very common”. While the words were meant to console her, they actually made Lorraine feel worse as she realised so many others experience such pain.

She added: “And I was also very aware that it didn’t just happen to me, it happened to Steve, to my mum. It has a ripple effect.”

Additionally, while acknowledging being open with emotions can be healthy, Lorraine still insisted mourning is deeply personal.

You should be allowed to grieve and go through that whole process the way it suits you.

Lorraine went on: “You should be allowed to grieve and go through that whole process the way it suits you. Some people don’t want to talk about it, and some do. It’s whatever suits you best.”

Lorraine also said she and Steve tried again to have another child, but were unsuccessful.

Nonetheless, she said they feel “lucky” to have had Rosie.

“It didn’t happen for us. We weren’t doing anything to stop it from happening. But we never went down the road of doing anything about it, like IVF or tests,” Lorraine added.


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