Loose Women shocked as Tina Malone and husband disagree on show about picking sex of baby

The 54-year-old appeared on Loose Women today

Actress Tina Malone appeared on ITV’s Loose Women to talk about her controversial choice to have another baby at 54.

The star announced she’s having a child via surrogate with toyboy hubby Paul, 35.

But Tina shocked the panellists and viewers after admitting they will select the sex of their baby to ensure they get the son they would love to have.

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She told the panellists: “I’ve always wanted a boy.

“[My daughter] Flame said she wanted a brother.”

Tina was then joined by her hubby Paul as they both discussed their choice to pick the sex of their baby.

Paul, who didn’t seem keen on the choice, said: “I kind of feel that we’re pushing it picking the gender.

“Over the last 24 hours I’ve decided we’re going to leave it to the lap of the gods.”

Tina then jumped in saying: “You all know I’m gobby, I’m a control freak but I’ll tell you we’ll discuss it when we get home. But when he says no it’s no.”

And Paul wasn’t the only one unsure about the decision.

The loose ladies, Jane Moore, Coleen Nolan, Ruth Langsford and Saira Khan, urged Tina to have the baby’s sex chosen naturally.

Speaking about the decision to have another child at 54 Tina told the show: “I’d have another three. Also I love kids. I have more energy with flame.

“I’m like Benjamin Button, Tina Button. I’ve gone backwards – I have the energy.

“If I was Rod Stewart or Simon Cowell you’d be slapping me on the back.

“And we all know, not disrespecting men, I can walk the dog run a business and still have energy to go to bed with my husband.”

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At the end of the show Tina finally decided to let nature take its cause as she said: “I’m going to leave it in the lap of the god.”

Shameless star Tina recently announced the news that she would be giving her daughter Flame, three, a sibling.

Speaking to Sunday People last week she revealed: “Some will say I am selfish and irresponsible for having another child at 54.

“They will moralise and abuse me – even more so for selecting the sex of our baby – and everyone is entitled to their opinion. But I don’t give two [bleeps] for what they think.

“I am doing this for Flame and for my husband, not just myself. I am healthy, of sound mind, solvent – and a bloody brilliant mother.”

And she’s definitely not worried about what people have to say!

She continued: “So if 100 trolls want to say what a selfish, ugly, wrinkly, loud, gobby, brassy old trollop I am – bring it on. I have a wonderful, loving husband 20 years younger who ­deserves a couple of children.

“I have no intention of shuffling off this planet yet and I’ll probably live ­until I’m 104 because I am that belligerent and willful and determined.”

Rebecca Carter
Associate Editor (News)

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