Lorraine stand-in Rochelle forced to apologise as guest swears

Presenter had to apologise for author's foul mouth

It happens all the time, but still people get upset when someone uses a rude word on the telly.

Silly, isn’t it?

When you consider that it’s grown ups who are mostly watching these types of programmes, especially Lorraine, which is aimed at unshakeable 40-something women, you’d think the odd slip of a bad word would be totally acceptable.

But not so, apparently.

So imagine poor Rochelle Humes, who this week is standing in for the marvellous Lorraine while she is off on her hols, as she had to contend with a foul mouthed guest.

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The Saturdays mum-of-two was joined on the show this morning by the charismatic Bridget Jones author Helen Fielding.

While the interview was innocent enough, the cheeky writer dropped a clanger accidentally midway through.

As Helen was chatting away about Bridget Jones series of books, she spoke about the dashing male protagonists of the books Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver – and then it happened.

“I started writing this book in 2006, I think. I wrote Bridget Jones’s Diary, The Edge of Reason and then Bridget Jones’s Baby.

“The first one was being made into a film when I started writing Bridget Jones’s Baby – you see, films can take a really long time sometimes. Then when the film came out, I brought out this book.

“Originally it was all about Daniel Cleaver and Mark Darcy. I always thought they were two halves of the perfect man. Mark was the sensible choice even though he’s hot, and Daniel was the sexy [expletive].”

Bu the B-word proved to be just too much for 8.47 am and a blushing Rochelle was forced to apologise for Helen’s slip.

“I just want to quickly apologise for the language,” she said. “We’re on very early, Helen!”

An embarrassed Helen also apologised and carried on with the interview.

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“I now find it hard to separate Daniel Cleaver from [actor] Hugh Grant in my mind, or Colin Firth from Mark Darcy. They’re both absolutely lovely and have similar qualities to their characters in the book.”

She also revealed that in the scene in the first film in which Bridget tells Daniel she’s wearing big knickers Hugh actually ad-libbed the line about wearing some too. What a funny man he is, eh?

Christian Guiltenane
Freelance Writer

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