Ugly House to Lovely House with George Clarke

Ugly House to Lovely House: Viewers divided as they claim Colchester home is ‘ruined’

Wendy and Alan's budget was previously used up on an extension

Ugly House to Lovely House viewers were divided over a home’s design in last night’s episode, with some claiming the Colchester property was ‘ruined’.

George Clarke, host of the popular Channel 4 series, was back in Essex to see homeowners Wendy and Alan.

On Ugly House to Lovely House, George Clarke was back in Colchester (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened with the Colchester home on Ugly House to Lovely House?

George said: “Three years ago I met Wendy and Alan, who lived in one of the most dated houses on their street. Giving it a face lift was gonna be no small challenge.”

When he left previously, the couple had put all their money into a huge extension, which meant parts of the property were left unfinished.

Homeowners Wendy and Alan completely transformed their property (Credit: Channel 4)

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They finished it in Thursday’s (November 5) episode, but a number of viewers at home didn’t like the design at all – particularly the black cladding.

Others took issue with the open-plan designs inside, which some felt were too “impersonal” and lacked “privacy”.

Some viewers felt the interiors were impersonal and lacked privacy (Credit: Channel 4)

What did Channel 4 viewers say about the property?

On Twitter, one viewer joked: “Tuned in to @MrGeorgeClarke and was yet again treated to an episode of #LovelyHouseToUglyHouse and not #UglyHouseToLovelyHouse.”

Another said: “Nothing is cosy in that house. Everything seems so open and impersonal. No privacy. I’d hate that. #UglyHouseToLovelyHouse.”

Some viewers thought the house looked ‘ugly’ with its black cladding (Credit: Channel 4)

A third wrote: “We proposed something radical, to paint everything black. Even stuff that was already black. It’s still ugly but just black.”

A fourth tweeted: “#UglyHouseToLovelyHouse What IS IT with black cladding!? It’s awful. WHYYYYYY do people keep bloody using it! I don’t understand.”

They added in a separate tweet: “Only watch it if you like houses being ruined with black cladding.”

We proposed something radical, to paint everything black… it’s still ugly but just black.

A fifth viewer said, “WTAF, it looks like a local council office block in Wolverhampton” before tweeting: “The poor architect of the original building… this is actually humiliating.”

Some viewers admitted it ‘won them over’

Others liked it, as one said they thought it looked “stunning”.

“The #uglyhousetolovelyhouse tonight was stunning when it was finished! Love all the natural lighting and beautiful furniture,” one said, adding: “So open but cosy at the same time.”

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“I must admit I was sceptical about the design at first,” tweeted another. “But actually in many ways it won me over.”

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Nancy Brown
Associate Editor