This Town first look: Everything we know about new drama from Peaky Blinders creator

This Town first look: Everything we know about new drama from Peaky Blinders creator

Set in the West Midlands in 1981

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A first look at This Town, from the creator of Peaky Blinders, has been shared by the BBC.

The major new drama series comes from Steven Knight, also behind SAS Rogue Heroes. This Town is billed as both a high-octane thriller and a family saga.

It depicts the formation of a ska and two-tone band in troubling times – and shows how genius can emerge from a time of madness.

Dante Williams (LEVI BROWN) (Credit: BBC / Banijay Rights / Kudos)
Levoi Brown plays Dante Williams in the This Town cast (Credit: BBC / Banijay Rights / Kudos)

What is This Town about?

This Town is about an extended family and four young people who are drawn into an innovative music scene.

Furthermore, the series opens in 1981 at a moment of huge social tensions and unrest in the UK.

Robbie Carmen (DAVID DAWSON) (Credit: BBC / Banijay Rights / Kudos)
David Dawson in character as Robbie Carmen (Credit: BBC / Banijay Rights / Kudos)

Black, white and Asian youths in the streets and estates of the West Midlands are battling to carve out their own paths.

Meanwhile, four young people are each in need of the second chance that music offers.

Jeannie Keefe (EVE AUSTIN) and Dante Williams (LEVI BROWN) (Credit: BBC / Banijay Rights / Kudos)
Eve Austin as Jeannie Keefe, alongside fellow cast member Levi (Credit: BBC / Banijay Rights / Kudos)

Creator Steven says This Town is a love letter to the area he was raised in.

He’s said it was “an era I loved through and know well and involving characters who I feel I grew up with”.

Additionally, Mercury Studios co-produces This Town. This means high-profile musical artists are part of the production. Producer Dan Carey, and award nominated musician Kae Tempest have written the songs the band performs in This Town.

Estella (MICHELLE DOCKERY) and Deuce Williams (NICHOLAS PINNOCK) (Credit: BBC / Banijay Rights / Kudos)
Michelle Dockery slaps on the lippy as Estella, alongside Nicholas Pinnock as Deuce Williams (Credit: BBC / Banijay Rights / Kudos)

Where does This Town take place?

The six-part series was filmed on location in Birmingham. Additionally, scenes were also filmed at Steven Knight’s new Digbeth Loc Film and TV Studios.

Meanwhile, filming has also taken place in Wolverhampton – reportedly for race riot scenes – and in Burslem in Stoke-on-Trent.

Bardon Quinn (BEN ROSE), Fiona (FREYA PARKS), Dante Williams (LEVI BROWN), Jeannie Keefe (EVE AUSTIN) (Credit: BBC / Banijay Rights / Kudos)
Ben Rose, left, plays Bardon Quinn, and Freya Parks is Fiona, with actors Levi and Eve (Credit: BBC / Banijay Rights / Kudos)

Who is in This Town?

This Town stars Levi Brown, Jordan Bolger, Ben Rose and Eve Austin as the drama’s four young leads.

Additionally, the cast also includes Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery, Marcella’s Nicholas Pinnock and David Dawson.

Marie (GERALDINE JAMES) (Credit: BBC / Banijay Rights / Kudos)
Geraldine James in character as Marie (Credit: BBC / Banijay Rights / Kudos)

Furthermore, Geraldine James, Peter McDonald, Freya Parks, Shyvonne Ahmmad, John Heffernan, and Stefan Asante-Boateng also feature.

Séainín Brennan, George Somner, and Brendan Gibson will also appear.

Deuce Williams (NICHOLAS PINNOCK) and Dante Williams (LEVI BROWN) (Credit: BBC / Banijay Rights / Kudos)
This Town’s Deuce and Dante (Credit: BBC / Banijay Rights / Kudos)

When is This Town on TV?

The series will be coming to BBC One and BBC iPlayer in 2024.

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