‘He is more submissive’: The This Morning star tipped to become Holly Willoughby’s full-time co-host

Who's the best fit?

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This Morning has had a rotation of presenters to host with Holly Willoughby since Phillip Schofield’s exit in May.

We’ve seen Craig Doyle, Dermot O’Leary, Alison Hammond, Ben Shephard and Josie Gibson all take on the role of Holly’s co-host.

But who is the best fit for Holly to be a permanent host? ITV hasn’t confirmed if there will be a permanent co-host chosen, however, fans are hoping so.

Craig Doyle and Holly Willoughby hosting This Morning
Craig has become the top choice to replace Phillip permanently (Credit: ITV)

This Morning: Holly Willoughby’s best fit co-host

A body language expert has weighed in and analysed who’s the best fit for Holly.

Craig Doyle

Craig has been chosen as the presenter who would work the best with Holly. Speaking on behalf of Betfair Casino, body language expert Darren Stanton said: “Craig is experienced in presenting, but he isn’t any more experienced than anyone else. He is a likely contender to be Holly’s permanent co-host.”

Darren added: “He lets Holly lead, which is key for the show. He is more submissive, not that Phil was, but it’s time to move on from that time and what they had was a unique connection built over 20 years. Craig could be perfect. They get on well and it’s time for a new dynamic.

“Holly is the stronger presenter out of her and Craig, but that could work as he likes to step back a bit. I think he will be the most logical choice as Holly’s co-host in terms of their body language together. They click and get on, but also, their different personalities compliment each other the most.”

Alison Hammond and Holly Willoughby hosting This Morning
Girl power! (Credit: ITV)

Alison Hammond

Sharing his thoughts on Alison – who hosts This Morning on Fridays with Dermot – Darren explained: “Alison is a very strong personality, and she’s now a well-developed presenter. She’s really found her feet now. I don’t think she’s a perfect match for Holly, you have two very strong women there.

He lets Holly lead, which is key for the show.

“They are two alpha females. I could tell Holly felt a bit out of sorts alongside Alison. She and Phil had this telepathic rapport with each other, so she has found it difficult to present with Alison afterwards as she is very performative and full of energy.

“Alison is now the new golden girl, which Holly used to be on This Morning.”

Holly Willoughby and Josie Gibson on This Morning
Darren said Josie works “brilliantly” alongside Holly (Credit: ITV)

Josie Gibson

Darren said that “strong personality” Josie carries herself “brilliantly” alongside Holly. He continued: “When they present together they are both very authentic and are themselves on screen.

“It’s clear they are comfortable working together and have a laugh, too. Josie is bubbly, outgoing and an extrovert. She brings out a nice side to Holly.

“But, over the years, Holly has become less extroverted as she doesn’t feel the need to perform the way Josie does, so they might not be the best match if Holly is the ‘main’ presenter.”

Ben Shephard and Holly Willoughby hosting This Morning
Ben joined Holly for a recent stint (Credit: ITV)

This Morning presenters: Ben Shephard

Good Morning Britain host Ben was a recent addition to the presenting rota. He initially hosted with Holly on a one-off in 2014. But he returned last week.

Speaking about Ben and Holly hosting together, Darren said: “Ben is a very experienced presenter and he and Holly do bounce off each other very well on screen. They’ve known each other for years, which is a huge benefit.

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“It could work out with them presenting together, but he has his commitments with Good Morning Britain, and I get the impression he is loyal to GMB. I don’t see him being a full-time presenter with This Morning.

“However, I do think they would have been the perfect ‘power couple’ on This Morning.”

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