Real Housewives of Jersey debuts on ITVbe with lavish lifestyles

The ITVbe series has left us with some unanswered questions

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The Real Housewives Of Jersey delighted viewers as it made its debut on ITVbe last night (December 28).

The new series follows the lives of seven housewives, including an ex-model, a property magnate and a natural health business owner.

But who is the richest housewife and what do their husbands actually do for a living?

Margaret Thompson The Real Housewives of Jersey
The Real Housewives of Jersey: Margaret Thompson and her pooches made their debut last night (Credit: ITVBe)

The Real Housewives of Jersey: Margaret Thompson

Originally from Scotland, Margaret moved over to Jersey with her two dogs, Bella and Coco-Chanel.

The successful business woman previously set up Thompson Estates, which sells all the top properties on the island.

As well as the business, she also owns one of the island’s best properties, a converted restaurant with a huge terrace where she throws extravagant and glamorous parties.

Sadly, the divorced star is still looking for a man to share her riches with.

Tessa Hartman Real Housewives of Jersey
Tessa Hartman – mother of Tallia Strom – takes part in The Real Housewives of Jersey (Credit: ITVBe)

Tessa Hartman

Another housewife to move from Scotland, Tessa now lives in Jersey with her husband Sascha and two sons Jonnie, 16, and Zac, 13.

Meanwhile, her daughters – Valentina, 23, and pop star Tallia Storm, 22 – live in London.

Tessa and her husband run Hartmann House – a creative marketing and branding agency – and are also the founders of the Jersey Style Awards.

According to company accounts, the ITVbe star has a current net worth of £20.6 million.

Kate Taylor Real Housewives of Jersey
Kate Taylor appears on The Real Housewives of Jersey (Credit: ITVBe)

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The Real Housewives of Jersey: Kate Taylor

Kate is currently going through a divorce and looking forward to a new chapter in her life.

During their marriage, the star and her ex husband ran one of the island’s top hotels The Royal Yacht.

The hotel closed its doors in 2006, making room for a £22-million redevelopment the following year.

The reality star lives in Jersey with her husband and their two sons (Credit: ITVbe)

Ashley Cairney 

Ashley, who is the only one of the housewives to have been born on the island, is a business woman and runs her own HR company in Jersey.

The star is married to husband Ben and has two young boys.

While the couple’s net worth is not yet known, Ben works for a successful construction company on the island.

Real Housewives of Jersey star Jane Ryder owns a successful fashion company (Credit: ITVbe)

The Real Housewives of Jersey: Jane Rayner

Jane now lives with her fiancé and has three daughters, after moving to Jersey in 2014.

As well as owning her own fashion company, the business woman is also an ambassador for Brighter Futures.

It’s believed her estimated net worth as of 2020 is more than a £1 million.

Twice-married, Jane shares her life with partner Andy, with the pair meeting in 2011.

Housewife Hedi Green is a practitioner of natural medicine

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Hedi Green

Hedi has been living on Jersey for 35 years, and is a practitioner of natural medicine who has three clinics.

She has been working with a spiritual mentor and often calls on spirit guides to help her for guidance.

It’s believed the mum-of-two, who has been divorced twice, is currently single.

Mia Ledbury shares two children with husband Dan (Credit: ITVbe)

The Real Housewives of Jersey: Mia Ledbury

Initially from Australia, Mia moved to Jersey several years ago with her husband Dan and their two daughters.

Taking over from her work as a model, the star is now a stay at home mum.

While it’s not known what Dan works as, the family are often spotted on luxurious holidays abroad, including Barbados.

Speaking about her marriage, she said: “I grew up in Australia, lived in Sydney and then moved to London for modelling work nineteen years ago. I met my husband Dan while we were both working there and the rest is history.”

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