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Sherwood on BBC One: Six burning questions we have after watching episode two

We're still in shock at the brutal death of newlywed Sarah Vincent

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Sherwood viewers were left horrified at the end of episode two, when we witnessed another brutal death in the village of Ashfield.

Seemingly timid and mild-mannered Andy Fisher committed the most heinous of crimes.

He attacked newlywed Sarah Vincent in her own home, leaving her for dead.

Here are all the questions we have after watching the shocking episode two of thriller Sherwood.

***Warning: spoilers from episode two of Sherwood ahead***

Joanne Froggatt as Sarah Vincent in Sherwood
Joanne Froggatt as Sarah Vincent in Sherwood episode two (Credit: BBC One)

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Sherwood episode two questions – is Sarah Vincent dead?

At the end of Sherwood episode two, Sarah Vincent lay in a puddle of her own blood on the floor of her own kitchen.

Long-suffering father-in-law Andy Fisher grabbed the nearest thing to hand – a garden spade – and slammed her over the head with it during an argument.

The pair clearly didn’t get on, but Andy’s reaction to her goading seemed totally out of character.

In distressing scenes, Sarah made it more than obvious how she felt about her father-in-law Andy.

She even implied that Andy was to blame for his wife taking her own life.

They were harsh words, but nobody expected Andy to lash out physically.

The closing minutes of episode two of Sherwood saw Andy standing over Sarah’s bleeding body.

But is she dead? Almost definitely!

What will Andy Fisher do now?

Assuming Sarah Vincent dies, which is very likely, train driver Andy is now a murderer.

So what will he do?

Will he hide the body and pretend Sarah disappeared?

Or will he run into the woods like bow and arrow killer Scott Rowley?

Unlike Scott, who has a stash of cash and is armed, Andy doesn’t seem equipped to hide out in the woods.

Also, how can one of our favourite ever TV actors Adeel Akhtar play a villain in the cast of Sherwood?

We did NOT see that coming!

Andy Fisher played by Adeel Akhtar in Sherwood episode two
Andy Fisher played by Adeel Akhtar in Sherwood episode two (Credit: BBC One)

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Sherwood episode two: Why is Scott Rowley hiding in the woods?

Scott Rowley seems to be the man responsible for killing Gary Jackson in Sherwood episode one.

Although we didn’t see the murder, he’s now hiding in the woods and DNA links him to the crime scene.

He also seems to be taking shots at other villagers, including Andy Fisher and Gary Jackson’s solicitor Vinay Chakarabarti.

But why is he hiding in the woods, risking capture?

Surely you’d want to get as far away as possible from the crime scene?

We can only presume Scott knows the woods, and is prepared to take his chances.

In the true story that inspired Sherwood, the real killers DID hide in the woods for weeks before capture.

Why is DCS St Clair being such an arse towards DI Kevin Salisbury?

DCS St Clair can’t wait to get rid of DI Kevin Salisbury – but why?

There is clearly history between the pair which hasn’t yet been explained.

But Kevin has really grown on us, and we want him to stay.

Luckily, he seems to want to stay too.

In episode two of Sherwood, he learnt how Kevin was connected to Gary Jackson’s arrest in 1984.

We’re told that one evening in October 1984, six months into the strike, there was a tip off that implicated Gary Jackson and four others in an attack which caused some serious personal injury and one fatality.

Kevin Salisbury was billeted at Ashfield along with hundreds of other London policers to help the escalating violence.

By sheer circumstance, Kevin was able to vouch for Gary that night, even though they didn’t know each other.

However, a black mark went against Kevin’s name in the police force.

Robert Glenister in Sherwood
David Morrissey as Ian St Clair and Robert Glenister as Kevin Salisbury in Sherwood (Credit: BBC One)

Sherwood episode two: Who is the spy cop living in Ashfield?

Gary Jackson’s solicitor Chakarabarti made a shocking claim in episode two of Sherwood.

He says that Gary was determined to find out why he’d been arrested in 1984 and “who had it in for him”.

Gary believed there was a spy cop living in Ashfield.

Spy cops were undercover cops in the 60s and 70s who penetrated so-called radical groups and “unlawfully snooped on members of the public purely because of their politics”.

Before he died, Gary thought a spy cop had been placed in his union or in his town of Ashfield using a fictional name and identity.

This spy cop was secretly feeding back intel to the Met Police, possibly the Home Office.

There had also been a rumour that an undercover spy had entered Ashfield.

Apparently this particular spy cop didn’t leave but stayed in the community.

He stayed and spied, remaining under a fictional persona to this day.

So who is it?

What does the writing in the Rowley’s garage mean?

Police now know that Scott Rowley is the probable murderer of Gary Jackson, thanks to his DNA at the crime scene.

They also know that he was due in court to be sentenced for benefit fraud on the day Gary was killed.

During a search of his home, DCS Ian St Clair and DS Cleaver discovered writing daubed on the walls of the garage.

It read: “You’re all liars.”

They also found other evidence that he’d been plotting the murder, including newspaper cuttings, proof he’d been withdrawing large sums of cash, and maps of the woods.

The hacker had also targeted Gary and solicitor Chakarabarti.

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