Richard Madeley admits he hosts Good Morning Britain commando

Ooooh we're blushing at the thought...

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If it isn’t Piers Morgan causing a commotion on screen then you can always rely on stand-in Richard Madeley to make the girls blush, and the boys for that matter!

Early bird Good Morning Britain viewers got a bit more than they bargained for earlier today, when co-host Kate Garraway told the nation that Richard, who is currently standing in for Piers, presents TV shows not wearing any pants.

As in he goes COMMANDO!!!

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The trio of Richard, Kate and Sean Fletcher were having a perfectly normal chat about a pair of revealing jeans (as you do) when Kate asked Richard if he’d ever wear them.

Richard answered saying: ”Absolutely not!” but then the mum-of-two added: “Well you’ve already said you go commando. You have!”

The 61-year-old looked stunned with Kate as she revealed the news, and for once was lost for words.

Fellow co-host Sean looked just as bemused as Richard, even asking the married dad of two if he actually was, you know, commando.

“Richard goes commando? I had no idea at all.”

Richard nodded to confirm he actually was free as a bird under the desk.

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Sean continued: “Had I known, I wouldn’t be sitting this close to you!” which seemed to surprise Richard as he looked to camera, laughed, shrugged his shoulders and cheekily said, “OK, I will just go home now.”

But it all seemed a bit too much for some of the show’s regular viewers with one who revelaed it was a bit early in the morning for such revalations…

Richard previously revealed on his first GMB appearence that he’d gone snooping in Piers’ wardrobe and found “50 ties but no underwear.”

Hmmm, sounds like you boys have more in common than we realised!