Piers Morgan battles with Edwina Currie on GMB over Boris Johnson’s ‘shambolic’ handling of coronavirus

GMB span into chaos during a fiery Covid-19 debate.

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Edwina Currie faced Piers Morgan and his infamous wrath on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday (October 6).

The TV star appeared on the ITV show alongside Professor John Aston and former Speaker of the House John Bercow.

The trio were sharing their opinions of Boris Johnson’s handling of the spoke in coronavirus cases.

Piers Morgan was having none of it (Credit: ITV)

Professor John Ashton told viewers: “It feels like we’re back in April and nothing has been learned.

“Somebody needs to own this mess because lives are at stake here.”

Piers went on to raise questions about the government initially failing to include 16,000 people who had tested positive for Covid-19 off of the latest official figures.

“Every single week brings a new shambles!” ranted the presenter, insisting that the error had put lives at risk.

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Edwina Currie tried her best to go head-to-head with Piers (Credit: ITV)

His remarks didn’t sit well with Edwina, who quickly interjected: “No they didn’t!”

“They were all given their tests and were all able to do what they needed to do and self-isolate,” she said.

Piers then interrupted, saying: “Edwina! The spreadsheet collapsed and none of the contacts of those 16,000 people were contacted.”

“How can you defend it?”

Realising she wasn’t going to be able to speak over Piers, Edwina awkwardly ranted: “You’re doing most of the talking again!”

Edwina Curry and Piers sadly didn’t see eye-to-eye (Credit: ITV)

What did Piers say about Donald Trump?

Piers didn’t mince his words when opening up about his thoughts regarding Donald Trump’s decision to discharge himself from hospital on Monday night.

The US President told Americans that he was feeling the best he had felt in more than two decades, insisting that people no longer need to worry about the disease.

Speaking with Dr Hilary Jones on Tuesday’s Good Morning Britain, Piers labelled Trump’s remarks about the disease as “dangerous”.

“He must have felt very rough 20 years ago!” exclaimed Piers in response to Trump’s bizarre claim.

Dr Hilary suggested that Trump could in fact be feeling the effects of the drugs he’s been taking over the last few days, which could give a sense of euphoria.

“They can cause some euphoria. Anyone that takes these will feel a surge in energy. It’s a very dangerous and misleading statement to make publicly,” he said.

“He’s in total denial about the dangers of Covid-19,” added Dr Hilary.

Piers then exclaimed: “This is all very serious, and yet trump thinks he’s a superhero and in a Gerard Butler movie.”

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