Line Of Duty episode four cliffhanger

Line of Duty season 6 leaves fans frustrated with huge cliffhanger

Fans have plenty of theories, too...

Line Of Duty season 6 fans voiced their frustration and swore at the screen as the show dropped a huge, agonising cliffhanger at the end of episode four.

Last night’s episode of the smash-hit BBC crime drama (Sunday April 11) was a thrill ride with a tense shoot-out, deaths and plenty of returning characters.

However, just when viewers couldn’t take any more, the show revealed a cliffhanger that frustrated as much as delighted.

And now fans have to wait until next Sunday to find out what’s going to happen.


Ted Hastings Line Of Duty looks shocked at the revelation
Ted looked shocked when Arnott told him about Jo’s blood relative (Credit: BBC)

What happened at the end of episode four of Line Of Duty season 6?

At the end of the episode DNA found in Farida Jatri’s house matched with bent copper Jo Davidson.

Not only that, but Davidson’s DNA was also matched with someone else… a ‘nominal’ on the wider police database.

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DI Steve Arnott explained to his superior, Ted Hastings, that the matching DNA could only mean one thing – a blood relative of Jo Davidson is involved in the conspiracy.

As the credits rolled, fans took to Twitter to curse the show for leaving them hanging.

How did viewers react?

One exasperated viewer took to Twitter and said: “[Bleeping] #LineOfDuty has done it again. I need to know the mystery NOW!!!

“[Bleep] waiting till next Sunday!!!!”

Naaa I need to know who is at the top wtf is all of this.

Another wrote: “Naaa I need to know who is at the top wtf is all of this,” followed by a head-blown emoji.

A third shouted: “[BLEEP]! Holy [bleeping] hell! Why does Line Of Duty do this to us?!!”

What are the fan theories?

Once fans had taken a breath, the theories as to who Jo Davidson’s blood relative might be started to roll in.

Many thought she was related to murdered undercover operative, John Corbett.

Incarcerated former police chief Mike Dryden and deceased gangster Tommy Hunter were also mentioned.

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Fans speculated that Anne-Marie McGillis – John Corbett’s mother – could also be Jo’s mother, because of the photograph seen in episode one.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Anyone else getting Anne-Marie McGillis vibes from Jo Davidsons Mum?

“Are Jo and John Corbett blood related #LineOfDuty.”

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