Holly Willoughby looks concerned on This Morning

Pete Wicks suspects Holly Willoughby dislikes him after NTAs shade

A new TV feud?

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Reality star Pete Wicks has convinced himself that This Morning host Holly Willoughby hates him.

The former TOWIE star alleges that Holly “threw shade” on him at the National Television Awards on September 5.

Speaking on his Staying Relevant podcast with BFF Sam Thompson after the bash, Pete said: “I have a sneaking suspicion that she genuinely hates me.”

Pete Wicks
Pete Wicks is convinced Holly Willoughby hates him (Credit: YouTube)

Pete on This Morning host Holly Willoughby

Sam and Pete had been interviewing celebrities on the NTA red carpet for their podcast Staying Relevant when Sam spotted Holly.

Recapping the night, former Made In Chelsea star Sam said he was desperate to get a chat with Holly because she’s “like the Queen” of the NTAs.

“Well, former Queen,” Pete sniped, alluding to the fact that Holly was not shortlisted for the TV Presenter category this year.

Sam explained: “I just saw Holly Willoughby walking down the red carpet. We managed to bring her in… but Pete just didn’t care.”

Pete expanded: “Let me put this into perspective. I’ve met Holly quite a few times and I think she’s really really lovely. However, she’s so good at this that she’s not that interesting to interview.

“And also I have a sneaking suspicion that she genuinely hates me. And she did throw a bit of shade, she does it every time. So, I wasn’t that fussed.”

Holly Willoughby
Holly Willoughby looked gorgeous at the 2023 NTAs (Credit: Cover Images)

What’s the beef between Pete and Holly?

Pete reckons his issues with Holly date back to a past appearance on Celebrity Juice.

“I think she thinks I’m some kind of [bleep]boy [bleep] and she would be absolutely correct in that, but she makes it known,” he alleged.

On the podcast, Pete explained that he and Sam brought up sharing a bed with Alison Hammond during their red carpet chat with Holly. At this point, Pete says Holly quipped: “That doesn’t surprise me with your track record.”

Pete added: “I was like [bleep]ing hell.”

Sam laughed: “That’s what it was! It was so good.”

Meanwhile Pete wasn’t thrilled to be working the red carpet that night, full stop. He also admitted that he was in a “foul mood” on the day they recorded the pod, so maybe that didn’t help with his Holly rant.

One thing’s for sure, if she didn’t “hate” him before, she probably does now!

ED! has contacted Holly’s reps for comment.

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