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Gentleman Jack season 2 cast: Greet the new and returning faces

A stellar line-up of familiar faces

Gentleman Jack season 2 kicks off on BBC One tonight and what a cast!

The plot is once again drawn from the diaries of real-life 19th century landowner, industrialist and famous lesbian, Anne Lister – who was nicknamed ‘Gentleman Jack’ for her masculine appearance and manner.

Suranne Jones reprises the title role, bringing extraordinary power to the part – but who’ll be sharing the screen alongside her?

Read on for the Gentleman Jack season 2 cast…

Anne Lister grinning at the camera in Gentleman jack series 2
Suranne Jones returns as the titular Gentleman Jack (Credit: BBC)

Anne Lister (played by Suranne Jones)

It’s now 1834, two years since we last met our eccentric heroine Anne Lister and she’s lost none of her swaggering spirit.

She’s still defying Victorian conventions with her ballsy attitude and preference for women in her bed chamber, as she strides around Yorkshire running her estate and building her mining business.

At the end of season 1 of Gentleman Jack it seemed Anne had finally found happiness with shy, feminine fellow land-owner Ann Walker, whom she unofficially ‘wed’ in the last episode.

Not that she’s going to settle down quietly into wedded bliss in season 2 – not with doubts about Ann, past lovers re-emerging and her ongoing fight with her enemies the Rawson brothers over coal.

Of Anne Lister, Suranne says: “She’s a noble, unlikeable flawed, beautiful. True to herself. Harsh to herself (and to others). She’s very blokeish but sensitive. She’s everything.”

The Doctor Foster and Vigil star won’t be tuning into season 2, which is bitter sweet for her as, a week into filming, her father tragically died from Covid complications.

“I’m not ready to watch it because it’s so full of memories mixed up with stuff.”

But 2022 promises to be a busy year for Suranne with the second series of high-octane submarine thriller Vigil set to begin.

And ITV has commissioned a new three-part drama Maryland, which she co-created and will star in.

Sophie Rundle is Ann Walker, Gentleman Jack’s ‘wife’ (Credit: BBC)

Ann Walker (played by Sophie Rundle)

Anne Lister’s ‘wife’ spent half of season 1 of Gentleman Jack completely enthralled with Anne; and the other half utterly overwrought about being in a lesbian relationship.

Terrified of what her family and society might think she eventually had a nervous breakdown and went to stay with her aunt in Scotland.

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When we see her again in season 2 she is recuperating in York, under Anne’s control and well away from her meddling family.

But despite her penchant for ponies and pretty things – and her endlessly wobbling bottom lip – Ann can be quite steely and refuses to let Anne pressure her into doing things she doesn’t want.

Actress Sophie Rundle is a familiar face to Peaky Blinders fans – she was Ada Shelby for all six seasons of the drama. And, in The Bodyguard, she played Vicky Budd, wife of Richard Madden’s lead character David.

Plus, Martin Compston’s wife in The Nest.

Game of Thrones star Gemma Whelan is Anne’s sister Marian (Credit: BBC)

Marian Lister (played by Gemma Whelan)

Anne’s sister Marian couldn’t be more different from her older sibling. For one thing she wears nice dresses.

Marian might be meeker than Anne, but she’s not afraid to stand up for herself and declare concerns she has over Anne’s decisions.

Ultimately, Marian adores her sister, although she often despairs of her outlandish conduct and desperately worries about her.

Especially when it comes to Anne’s love life. Marian’s seen her broken-hearted too many times.

So, Marian’s clearly delighted that Anne has plumped for gentle Ann Walker, who probably wouldn’t hurt a fly, and happily busies herself getting Shibden Hall ready for Ann to move into.

Marian Lister couldn’t be a more different character than the one that actress Gemma Whelan is most famous for: fearsome warrior Yara Greystoke in Game of Thrones.

But the fact that Gemma imbues Marian with lovely humour shouldn’t be a surprise, the actress is also a comedian who starred alongside David Mitchell in Upstart Crow.

Acclaimed actress Stephanie Cole is Ann’s Aunt – another Ann… (Credit: BBC)

Aunt Ann Walker (played by Stephanie Cole)

Ann Walker’s aunt lives on the Crow Nest estate that Ann inherited after her parents’ death.

She’s fiercely protective of her niece, keeping a beady eye out for any suitors who might be after Ann’s fortune.

Needless to say, she’s not exactly Anne’s number one fan, and is incredibly suspicious of the hold she has over Ann.

Stephanie Cole has delighted TV audiences for decades, since finding fame in the Japanese prisoner of war drama Tenko back in the 1980s.

Starring roles in Doc Martin, Still Open All Hours and Coronation Street have kept her constantly on our screens.

Even more Anne’s with Anne and Marian’s Aunt Anne, played by Gemma Jones (Credit: BBC)

Aunt Anne Lister (played by Gemma Jones)

Yes, another Aunt and another Ann/e!!!!!

Anne’s aunt is a warm mother figure who adores her niece – but is ever-worried about the ripples her appearance and behaviour cause around her.

Well, ripples is rather an understatement – we’re talking tidal waves!

Although gentle and quiet, Aunt Anne herself is accepting of Anne, and is pleased at the prospect of her settling down with Ann.

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Meanwhile, Anne is continually anxious about her Aunt’s failing health.

Aunt Anne is played by another huge acting name, Gemma Jones, who has wowed on the small screen in everything from Spooks to Unforgotten.

Not to mention on the big screen. Who can forget her brilliant turn as Renee Zelleweger’s bonkers mother Pamela in the Bridget Jones films?

Will Anne’s first love Mariana Lawton try to steal her from her latest? (Credit: BBC)

Mariana Lawton (played by Lydia Leonard)

Mariana was Anne’s first great affair.

In fact, Anne’s heart broke so much when Mariana left her to obey society’s norms and marry a man, it’s the reason our heroine wears mourning black to this day.

But the former lovers are still in contact – occasionally rekindling their sexual chemistry in the bedroom.

When Anne thought she’d lost Ann, it was Mariana she turned to, asking if she would move into Shibden and make a proper go of things.

Mariana turned down the offer.

But in season 2 she reappears and causes trouble for Anne and Ann.

Although not as well-known as some of her fellow castmates, Lydia Leonard has had a steady career with appearances in dramas like Whitechapel and Apple Tree Yard.

Katherine Kelly is back as Ann’s sister Elizabeth Sutherland (Credit: BBC)

Elizabeth Sutherland (played by Katherine Kelly)

Ann’s sister Elizabeth lives in Scotland with her husband Captain Sutherland and their three children.

It is to their home that Anne encourages Ann to go to recuperate when she has a breakdown over their romance.

Though Elizabeth loves her sister, she, like their Aunt, worries that people take advantage of Ann because of her vulnerability.

And she’s soon going to have even more to worry about when she realises the depth of her sister’s relationship with Anne.

Katherine Kelly – like Suranne Jones – became a household name in Coronation Street, winning awards for her portrayal of Becky McDonald.

She’s since starred in Mr Selfridge, Happy Valley, The Night Manager and Liar.

Does Captain Sutherland have more schemes up his sleeve? (Credit: BBC)

Captain Sutherland (played by Derek Riddell)

Although seemingly only to care for her well-being, Ann’s brother-in-law Captain Sutherland actually has an eye on her money.

When Ann was staying in Scotland he contrived with his mother to marry her off to a relative to ensure her fortune stayed in the family.

Scottish actor Derek Riddell pops up everywhere, appearing such series as Shetland, Happy Valley and The Missing.

He even had a regular role in Ugly Betty as Ashley Jensen’s character Christina’s love interest Stuart.

The BBC has released first-look images from season 2 of Gentleman Jack
Joanna Scanlan makes her debut in Gentleman Jack season 2 (Credit: BBC)

Isabella Norcliffe (played by Joanna Scanlan)

In season 2 of Gentleman Jack we make the acquaintance of Isabella ‘Tib’ Norcliffe whom we soon learn is another of Anne’s previous lovers.

In the trailer for the series, we witness the gloriously over-the-top Isabella refer to “the vast tapestry” of Anne’s “fruity past”.

This is a new character we are longing to get to know better!

The fabulous Joanna Scanlan is yet another stand-out member of Gentleman Jack’s impressive cast. She has also starred in The Thick Of It, Getting On and No Offence.

Now, why not have a read of our Gentleman Jack season 1 recap ahead of season 2. You’re welcome!

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