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Coleen Rooney slams Rebekah Vardy as ‘vicious’ over leaked story claims

Things are heating up again!

Coleen Rooney has called Rebekah Vardy “vicious” for discussing leaking a story about her dead sister. This comes as Coleen prepares to tell her side on the story in a Disney+ documentary, to air on October 18.

According to reports in the Daily Mail, text messages between Rebekah and her agent Caroline Watt spoke about leaking stories to the court.

Rosie McLoughlin was Coleen’s sister who died aged 14 following a lifelong battle with Rett syndrome.

Coleen Rooney described it as ‘hurtful’

In an interview with The Times, Coleen described the situation as “hurtful” and accused Rebekah of doing things “only to be in the public eye.”

Coleen Rooney attended Rihanna's concert
Coleen Rooney attended Rihanna’s concert (Credit: Cover Images)

In a message Rebekah allegedly sent she said: “What a (BLEEP),” before following it up with: “Maybe I should say something about Rosie x.”

In her The Times interview, Coleen questioned how someone could talk about a person who isn’t in the world now. She said: “How can someone try to create a story around someone’s sister who’s passed away? How can you be that vicious?”

Coleen had set up an elaborate operation to find out who passed on stories about her to The Sun. In October 2019 she shared an now infamous Instagram post accusing Rebekah Vardy’s account of leaking the stories.

Rebekah then launched libel proceedings against Coleen in 2020. Coleen won the famous Wagatha Christie libel battle in July 2022 and Rebekah Vardy was ordered to pay up to £1.5million for her legal fees.

Coleen ‘never fallen out with the partner of a footballer’ before

“I’ve never fallen out with the partner of another footballer in my life and I never thought I would,” Coleen admitted.

Coleen added that before the drama, she had already felt her and Rebekah’s friendship was “unnatural.”

She said: “I can tell when someone is trying to force a friendship because of your status. I’m very savvy about that and I felt like the friendship Rebekah was trying to put on me was unnatural.”

Coleen added that “Rebekah enjoyed the limelight” and would  “do things only to be in the public eye”.

On her strategy for the court case, Coleen also revealed her husband Wayne told her to “just tell the truth because no one can go wrong with the truth.”

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