Bradley Walsh faces the camera on The Chase

Bradley Walsh’s future on The Chase in the words of the Chasers – health concern and fears it ‘wouldn’t be the same’ without him

Almost impossible to consider anyone else in his role

Bradley Walsh has hosted The Chase ever since the ITV game show first appeared on telly screens in 2009.

The beloved presenter, 63, is one of TV’s most in-demand figures of recent years. Indeed, it seems impossible to consider The Chase ever being fronted by anyone else but Bradley.

Nonetheless, he has previously addressed eyeing up retirement from TV.

And some of the Chasers have previously speculated about what the future of programme might look like without Bradders.

Bradley Walsh smiles alongside The Chase stars
Bradley Walsh has hosted The Chase since it began in 2009 (Credit: ITV)

Bradley Walsh on The Chase

Earlier this year, Mark Labbett indicated to the Mirror he and his fellow Chasers ‘worry’ about the impact of filming commitments on Bradley.

That’s because up to 200 episodes are recorded every year.

‘The Beast’ said at the time: “Our biggest worry is Bradley being 63 now. Every month, we’re going, ‘You okay, Brad? How’s the health?’ Wrap him in bubble wrap! He’s so damn popular you’re more worried about what he signed up for now.”

Mark Labbett looks serious in The Chase promo shot
Mark Labbett: ‘Our biggest worry is Bradley being 63 now’ (Credit: ITV)

Anne Hegerty on Bradley Walsh ‘pension’

Meanwhile, in February 2023, Anne Hegerty told the Express website she finds it difficult to visualise The Chase without the popular presenter.

“It’s just I can’t imagine him being replaced!” she said at the time.

The Governess went on: “He once said to me ‘The Chase is my pension’ and I really do hope that he regards it that way and he has no plans to go anywhere.”

Anne also found it nearly impossible to consider who could fill Bradley’s slot.

Bradley is just an integral part of the whole show.

“I suppose I could think of a couple of names that might, but Bradley is just an integral part of the whole show and his rapport with the contestants, and with us,” she insisted.

Anne Hegerty looks stern in promo photo for The Chase
Anne Hegerty: ‘I can’t imagine him being replaced!’ (Credit: ITV)

Additionally, Jenny Ryan reflected in 2021 about how The Chase “wouldn’t be the same” without Bradley.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, ‘The Vixen’ star said: “It would not be the same show without Bradley, he’s a fabulous host and I really enjoy working with him.”

Let’s hope Bradley sticks around for a good while yet.


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The Chase: The Bloopers is on ITV on Sunday March 24 at 8pm.

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