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Beat the Chasers brainiac Darragh Ennis red-faced after ’embarrassing’ blunder

The TV star had a joke about his mistake on Twitter

Beat the Chasers star Darragh Ennis has admitted he was mortified after getting a cheetah mixed up with an ape on last night’s show (October 16).

The brainiac joked his biology PhD was a “waste of time” after he made the epic blunder on the celebrity version of Beat The Chasers.

Darragh Ennis on Beat The Chasers
Darragh Ennis got it pretty wrong on Beat The Chasers last night (Credit: ITV)

What happened on Beat the Chasers last night?

The Chase star made the gaffe when Loose Women’s Kaye Adams was asked which animal had the longest tail of any land mammal.

Host Bradley Walsh listed the possible answers as giraffe, rhino or cheetah.

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Kaye got it wrong, picking cheetah when it was actually giraffe.

And Darragh told her: “Well, cheetahs are apes and apes don’t have tails, so…”

When fellow Chaser Mark Labbett asked what he was talking about, a stunned looking Darragh replied: “Oh, I thought chimpanzee!”

“I have gone mad!” he gasped.

The TV star did warn fans about his slip up before the episode aired, tweeting that his “stupidest moment ever” would be on that night.

“Tune in to see my brain pop out for a tea break while my mouth jumped behind the wheel,” he added.

How did viewers react to the blooper?

Despite being prepared, viewers still thought it was utterly hilarious.

“Hahaha god I love Darragh,” tweeted one, while another said it was one of the best laughs of the day.

The Chasers on Beat The Chasers
Darragh Ennis slipped up on Beat The Chasers (Credit: ITV)

“Cheetahs are apes? Come on, Darragh!” posted another shocked viewer.

“I think Darragh was getting confused with Tarzan’s chimp called Cheetah!” suggested another.

Darragh later showed his sense of humour by sharing a video clip of him holding stuffed toys of the two animals, as he insisted they were the same.

The Chase star said he’d never live it down

However, he did admit he was feeling a little red-faced about his blunder.

“For some reason, I got Cheetah the chimpanzee from Tarzan crosswired in my brain,” he tweeted.

“This was just so so embarrassing. I will never live this one down.”

He joked: “That moment when you realise that PhD in biology may just have been a waste of time.”

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The star also told fans: “Next time you do something stupid, just be thankful that you don’t do it broadcast to millions.”

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