Alex Scott loses cool on Football Focus

Alex Scott ‘loses her cool’ as co-hosts struggle to keep her ‘under control’ during Lionesses match

The former England Lioness had to issue an apology to viewers

Alex Scott left football fans in hysterics when she “lost her cool” in the middle of a live TV broadcast during the Lionesses‘ semi-final match yesterday (August 12).

The former right back was midway through a broadcast of Football Focus when she lost concentration.

Alex, 38, had spotted that England’s Lionesses had just scored against Columbia – and she couldn’t control her emotions.

Alex Scott watches the Lionesses
Alex Scott ‘lost her cool’ during an episode of Football Focus (Credit: BBC)

The star suddenly pointed to a TV off screen while co-host Dion Dublin was midway through talking about Arsenal. With her mouth gasping open, she interrupted: “Sorry, I’m getting carried away because right behind me England have equalised!”

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Turning to Dion, she added: “I’m listening to you talk about Declan Rice, Dion… I’m like: ‘They scored!'”

Laughing, Dion told Alex that he understood. “What happened was, I saw the clip and the ball rolling to the keeper and I had a sneaky look and I shut off! We scored!” he cheered.

Alex Scott on Football Focus
Alex found herself distracted while talking to her guests (Credit: BBC)

Facing the camera, Alex then apologised to viewers. She said: “I tell you what, this is live TV for you. I told them they had to keep me under control and I’ve already lost my cool!”

Dion turned the conversation back to Arsenal, along with football experts Anita Asante and Ashley Williams. Once they wrapped up their Arsenal chat, Alex told fans at home: “I’ve calmed down a little bit.’

She then excitedly handed over to her colleague Jo live in Australia, where the England Vs Columbia match was still underway. “Jo, my heart can’t take it at the moment!” she told her.

Alex Scott on Football Focus
The retired Lioness apologised to viewers (Credit: BBC)

By the end of Saturday’s Football Focus, England were up 2-1 and Alex was visibly thrilled.

She told fan she had her passport ready, adding: “I’m off to Australia for the semis and the final of the World Cup. We pray England will be there!”

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Alex’s prayers were answered, as Columbia failed to score again. This means England will now take on Australia in the semi-final on Wednesday.

Retired Lioness Alex has since shared a pictured taken at the airport, as she got ready to board a British Airways flight Down Under.

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