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Emmerdale preview: 12 spoilers for what’s coming up at Christmas and in the New Year

It's a dramatic season in the Dales

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Christmas and New Year scenes are in the process of being filmed over in Emmerdale at the moment meaning that big things are in store for the soap.

Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw has now revealed some huge storylines will air on screen in the upcoming months.

Here are 12 exciting Emmerdale spoilers for the Christmas and New Year period.

Rhona starts to bond with Ivy (Credit: ITV)

1. Baby Ivy causes chaos at Christmas

Baby Ivy is set to cause drama at Christmas as Rhona tries to reach out to Gus.

Laura Shaw teased: “How is Marlon going to cope if Rhona wants to reach out and help baby Ivy? Will Gus let Rhona help with baby Ivy? And, what are the repercussions going to be on Leo and April?”

This will make for a very difficult Christmas for Rhona and her family. But, will Gus let Rhona be a part of Ivy’s life?

Chloe’s dad gets involved (Credit: ITV)

2. Chloe asks her dad for help with Mack

After their break up, ‘Mackenzie pushes Chloe to her absolute limit’ making her contact her dad for help.

Chloe’s dad will then cause trouble for Mack, but will Mack be able to get out of this mess?

Laura teased: “Chloe’s dad is not somebody to be messed about with. He’s quite a dark character. We know that he was quite controlling of Chloe and that she was quite afraid of him.

“What we will see is him helping Chloe in his own, unique way. Is Mackenzie going to be able to talk his way out of this one. I’m not sure.”

Emmerdale's Caleb and Tracy are kissing
Who rumbles them? (Credit: ITV)

3. Someone rumbles Tracy and Caleb’s affair

With Tracy and Caleb’s affair starting to escalate over the coming weeks, Laura Shaw has revealed that this will make for quite the awkward Christmas gathering.

She also hinted: “Somebody on Christmas Day is going to find out their dark secret and threaten to blow that.”

Emmerdale father and son Nicky and Caleb stand by Franke Tate's grave looking moody
Ruby turns up in the Emmerdale village (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale Christmas: 4. Nicky’s mum arrives

Nicky’s mum and Caleb’s wife’s identity is a mystery to Emmerdale viewers.

However, Ruby will soon arrive in the Dales and may have some unfinished business with Caleb.

Laura shared: “In the New Year we will see Ruby bursting onto our screens. She’s going to be an absolute firecracker. She’s going to put a real spanner into the Dingles.

“Is her and Caleb’s relationship really as over as he’s made out? We’ll find out in the New Year…”

Emmerdale's logo and background
Who will be affected by the tragedy? (Credit: ITV/ Composite ED!)

5. Tragedy to rock two families

As we head into the New Year, a tragedy is sadly going to affect two much-loved families.

Speaking about this, Laura revealed: “There’s also going to be tragedy in the village in January that’s going to affect two of our most loved families.

“It’s ultimately going to tear friendships apart and change the dynamics of one of those families forever.”

Emmerdale's Kim is wearing a horse riding helmet
The truth comes out (Credit: ITV)

6. Kim and Cain’s killer secret exposed

Viewers will know that Kim and Cain let Craig die after Kim’s horse Ice injured him.

Lydia and Sam will soon find out the truth, but how will this affect Kim and Lydia’s friendship?

Laura confessed: “Lydia and Sam will find out what happened that night.

“How is Lydia going to cope with that news? How will Sam cope with that news? It’s going to really test Lydia and Kim’s friendship.”

Laura then teased that the New Year will hopefully ‘bring some new hope’ for Sam and Lydia’s relationship.

Will Chas and Aaron bond? (Credit: ITV)

7. Chas set for a huge story

Chas is set for a huge story next year that is set to be ‘shocking for all of her family.’ However, Laura has noted that this storyline could see Aaron and Chas bond once more and repair broken bridges.

Moira looks at Cain with suspicion on Emmerdale
Moira confesses her ‘deepest, darkest secret’ to someone (Credit: ITV)

8. Moira’s past threatens her future

In a bid to help a villager in need of support, Moira will find herself opening up to someone about her ‘deepest, darkest secret.’ But, could this land her in trouble?

Laura said: “Moira’s going to make a big confession to one of our villagers. It’s a secret from her past.

“How is that person going to react when they find out Moira’s deepest, darkest secret? If they blow it, it could threaten Moira’s whole life.”

Cain and Aaron fight (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale Christmas: 9. Cain and Aaron fight

Tensions between Cain and Aaron are set to grow which will ultimately end up in them having a ‘brutal, physical fight’ with each other.

But, which Dingle will end up winning the fight? And, who will end up battered and bruised?

Tom proposing to Belle
Belle and Tom are set to get wed on Valentine’s Day (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale Christmas: 10. Belle and Tom make wedding plans

Belle recently turned down Tom’s proposal but things may change as the couple plans to marry on Valentine’s Day. But, will their special day have a happy ending?

Bob tries to talk to an angry, sullen-looking Cathy on Emmerdale
Bob and Cathy will ‘hit rock bottom’ (Credit: ITV)

11. Bob and Cathy ‘hit rock bottom’

Bob and Cathy ‘s relationship is going to be ‘tested to the max,’ Laura Shaw has shared.

She said: “We’re going to see something happen that’s going to push them to the extreme. They’re going to hit rock bottom when this happens.”

She then hinted that this could ‘tear them apart’ or bring them closer together.

The background of the Dales and a female silhouette
Someone’s back (Credit: ITV/ Composite ED!)

Emmerdale Christmas: 12. Familiar face returns

As well as all this drama, a familiar face is also going to return to the village to help a friend out.

But, who could this be? And, who needs their support as a character makes a comeback to the Dales?

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