EastEnders SPOILERS: Habiba pregnant with Jags’ baby

What will Suki say?

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EastEnders spoilers reveal there’s shocking baby news for the Panesar family. But how will Suki react?

Last year, Jags went to prison for the attack on Martin Fowler, which was actually committed by his brother Vinny.

Jags took the blame for his brother. Meanwhile his girlfriend Habiba left Albert Square to try and prove his innocence.

In this week’s scenes, Iqra comes home and finds Ash full of excitement. She tells Iqra that Habiba is pregnant with Jags’ baby.

Ash feels guilty about her brother and the sacrifices he’s made and goes to Suki to tell her about the baby. But it turns out her mother is already aware and couldn’t care less, leading to the mother and daughter warring.

Ash tells Iqra that Jags is innocent (Credit: BBC)

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Angered by her mother’s vicious behaviour, Ash storms out and heads home. When she gets there she tells Iqra the truth – Jags is innocent.

Iqra is disgusted by her girlfriend’s betrayal and ends their relationship. Kheerat convinces Ash to stay with the family and with no where else to go, Ash is forced to return home.

Ash goes to live with her family (Credit: BBC)

Later, Ash tries her hardest no to bite at her mother’s poisonous comments. But soon Peter turns up to take Ash out to cheer her up.

However when Ash is out of earshot, Suki takes the moment to tease Peter.

EastEnders spoilers – Gurlaine Kaur Garcha talks Ash’s change of heart

When asked why do you think it took the news of Jags and Habiba’s pregnancy for the guilt to become too much for Ash, actress Gurlaine Kaur Garcha said: “Ash has previously dealt with falling pregnant herself and not having that child, because of certain reasons, so for her to know that a child is going to be coming into the world – a new member of her family.

“The fact they won’t have their dad around, I think that’s what does it for her.

Habiba and Jags are going to become parents (Credit: BBC)

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“It’s not just about her siblings and mother – there’s now an innocent child involved because of their lie.

“Ash is fiercely protective of her family, so as well as feeling protective, she also has the guilt – she’s contributed towards this and she wants to put it right and maybe it’s not too late.”

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