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EastEnders fans fear Stacey’s downfall after spotting huge blunder in attack aftermath scenes

Could this evidence work in Theo's favour?

Last night in EastEnders (Wednesday, October 4), Stacey, Eve and Freddie thought of a plan to get Freddie off the hook.

Stacey then grabbed a wrench from Theo’s car and planted it on the floor next to him.

EastEnders fans are now fearing Stacey’s downfall after spotting a huge blunder in the attack aftermath scenes.

EastEnders' Stacey is panicking
Stacey planted a weapon next to Theo (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Stacey tried to help Freddie get let off

Last night in Walford, Stacey tried to calm Freddie down after his attack on Theo as he worried that he was just like his dad.

Eve then turned up and got a shock when she saw Theo unconscious on the floor.

She quickly grabbed some gloves and offered to help Stacey stage a proper break in to incriminate Theo.

Stacey then rushed off to Theo’s car to grab a wrench from it and then placed it next to him.

When the police turned up, Freddie then told them that he was acting in self defence as Theo came for him with the wrench.

Freddie was then arrested for attempted murder and was taken to the police station.

EastEnders' Freddie, Stacey and Eve are in the Slater kitchen
Fans worry for Stacey (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans spot huge blunder over Stacey scenes

EastEnders fans are now fearing Stacey’s downfall as they spot a huge blunder in the attack aftermath scenes.

They’re worrying that Stacey’s DNA will be all over Theo’s car and have also picked up on the fact that she left his car unlocked. This could all be used as evidence against her.

One fan noted: “A pair of gloves won’t do it. Stacey’s DNA is all over that car with her hair dangling everywhere.”



Another EastEnders viewer added: “Stacey needs to be careful. The police might ask for witnesses following Theo’s assault. Remember Anna and Bobby saw Stacey before she entered the house. Theo’s car will also be checked for forensics. A piece of Stacey’s hair could be in the boot of the car.”

A third fan continued: “I noticed that Stacey didn’t lock Theo’s car afterwards and I’m really scared that’s going to jeopardise things for them all somehow.”

EastEnders' Stacey is crying
Will Stacey get the justice she deserves? (Credit: BBC)

Will things backfire on Stacey?

Stacey, Eve and Freddie all thought of a story to help Freddie get let off as lightly as possible.

However, Stacey’s rummaging in Theo’s car could well come back to haunt her. But, will things backfire for Stacey? Will the evidence go against her?

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