EastEnders' Dean Wicks, and in a bubble is a younger Dean Wicks

EastEnders’ Dean Wicks returns to face Linda Carter in Walford drama

His time in Walford was full of trouble and drama!

Dean Wicks in EastEnders is Shirley Carter’s son, and the brother of Mick Carter. He could be charming when he wanted to be, but had a dark side and often got into trouble.

He shattered his family when he raped his sister-in-law Linda Carter, devastating her and enraging Mick – and breaking his mum Shirley’s heart.

And, now he’s back in Walford as he comes face to face with Linda once mor. So what’s his story?

EastEnders' Dean is in Linda's kitchen
Dean’s back (Credit: BBC)

Dean Wicks in EastEnders

Dean arrived in Albert Square back in 2006. Back then he was known as Deano, and he talked his great aunt Pat Butcher into letting him stay with her.

Not long after Deano arrived, his sister Carly and stepdad Kevin Wicks arrived too and later that year, they were reunited with Shirley Carter – Deano and Carly’s estranged mum.

Almost as soon as he arrived in the Square, Deano started causing problems. He spiked Stacey Slater‘s drink, and nicked the bust of Queen Victoria from the pub.

Deano reconciled with Shirley after he crashed his car, and the pair bonded during his recovery.

Dean Wicks is a cracking EastEnders villain (Credit: BBC)
Dean Wicks was a cracking EastEnders villain (Credit: BBC)

Deano v Sean Slater

When Deano developed a crush on Chelsea Fox, she dragged him into a feud with Sean Slater. Needless to say, Deano didn’t come out of it well!

He and Chelsea set Sean up as the person who’d brutally attacked Patrick Trueman by stealing the CCTV that proved Sean hadn’t done it.

When Sean got sent to prison, he took revenge by having Deano beaten up.

Later, Carly found the incriminating footage and Deano went to prison.

When he came out of jail, he was even more trouble than before. After rejecting Shirley, he left Walford.

Dean Wicks arrives in Walford
Deano came to Walford in 2006 (Credit: BBC/YouTube)

Dean Wicks in EastEnders and his return

When Dean came back to Albert Square, he had changed. Or at least he seemed to have!

He developed a relationship with his grandfather, Stan Carter, opened a barber shop called Blades and even bonded with Shirley and Mick. But, Dean wasn’t actually a new man after all.

Mick beats up Dean at Christmas
Mick was furious when Linda told him what Dean had done (Credit: BBC/YouTube)

Linda’s rape

In the aftermath of Shirley shooting Phil Mitchell, Linda proved a shoulder to cry on for Dean. He took it totally the wrong way, and when Linda comforted him he made a pass at her. When Linda rejected him, Dean raped her.

Linda was traumatised and didn’t tell anyone, while Dean went on with his life.

But he’d started dating Stacey Slater – who herself had been raped – and she recognised how Linda reacted around Dean.

Stacey worked out what happened and persuaded Linda to tell Mick.

He stood by his wife and beat Dean up, only for Shirley to scream that Dean was his brother and not his nephew, as Mick had always thought.

Dean shouts at Roxy Mitchell
Dean tried to rape Roxy Mitchell (Credit: BBC/YouTube)

Carters split

Dean raping Linda split the Carter family, with Shirley and Stan initially believing Dean instead of Linda.

The family fell apart, especially when Linda gave birth to baby Ollie and Dean insisted the lad was his child.

Luckily, it was proved that Ollie was Mick’s son, but Dean continued to make trouble.

Eventually he started a relationship with Roxy Mitchell, and began being abusive towards her. When Shirley interrupted him about to rape Roxy, she realised Linda had been telling the truth.

Several dramatic confrontations later, Dean admitted he raped Linda. He was arrested for attempting to rape Roxy but was acquitted off-screen.

Tonight (Monday, October 30), Dean returned once more as he came face to face with Linda at the back of The Vic. But, why is he back?

Dean confronts Shirley at Mick's wedding
Dean confronted Shirley at Mick and Linda’s wedding

Who played Dean Wicks in EastEnders?

Matt di Angelo played Dean Wicks in EastEnders. He was already an established actor when he landed the role.

Since he left EastEnders, he’s appeared in the fifth series of Strictly Come Dancing, partnered with Flavia Cacace and made it all the way to the final.

He also played Sean in Hustle and has appeared in Ordinary Lies and Death in Paradise.

Matt is married to wedding planner Sophia Perry and in August last year, he became a dad to twins Raphael and Daphne.

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