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Coronation Street: Top 4 theories on Sean’s shady new boyfriend Laurence

Is all as it seems?

Coronation Street character Laurence has been portrayed as being the perfect guy for Sean – so in soap world, that means there’s something up with him.

After Laurence turning up unexpectedly to Sean’s birthday meal, after standing him up, Corrie fans reckon that he’s hiding something.

But what could he be hiding?

Coronation Street Laurence and Sean enjoy themselves at a date in the Bistro
Laurence seems like Mr Nice Guy (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Is Laurence hiding something?

Laurence and Sean first met in the Rovers, where Sean had his eyes set upon the hot dentist.

Arranging a date at the Bistro, Sean had cold feet and was going to stand him up.

However, George worked his magic and managed to get the pair to go on a date together.

Since then, Sean’s been head over heels for his new boyfriend.

But, is all as it seems?

Recently, Sean was left devastated when Laurence stood him up at his birthday meal.

However, he later apologised to Sean, telling him that he was just running behind at work and had every intention of going.

The pair kissed and made up, but is Laurence telling the truth?

Here are 4 theories on what Laurence could be hiding.

Sean and Frank talk outside the house in Coronation Street
Does Laurence know Frank? (Credit: ITV)

1. Laurence knows Frank in Coronation Street

One theory is that Laurence knows Sean’s ex Frank – he might be teaming up with him to take advantage of Sean.

Frank wasn’t with Sean for long, which begs the question – could there be more to his story than we originally thought?

It was fair to say that Frank wasn’t the nicest of people.

He constantly forced Sean to prioritise their relationship over the one head had with Dylan.

It was also revealed that he had bullied George as a child and continued to show his mean side when he crossed paths with him again in Weatherfield.

Sean eventually broke up with Frank, but could he be teaming up with Laurence and cause heartbreak for Sean?

Fans seem to think so.

On Entertainment Daily‘s Facebook page, one fan said about Laurence: “He’s friends with that guy Sean was just going out with.”

Coronation Street Stu in Speed Daal
Laurence didn’t go to Sean’s birthday party (Credit: ITV)

2. He’s married

Laurence seems like Mr Nice Guy – he’s got a well-respected job, he’s likeable and he actually seems into Sean.

Nothing can ever run this smooth in Corrie!

Laurence said that he didn’t attend Sean’s birthday party because he got tied up at work.

But some fans think he’s married.

One wrote on ED’s Facebook page: “He is married.”

A second commented: “He is married with kids.”

A third said: “Married with children.”

Is Laurence married?

Could he have a family and children back home that don’t know about Sean?

Corrie Sean looks serious during his date in the Bistro
Is Lawrence telling the truth? (Credit: ITV)

3. He hasn’t come out to his family

Another theory suggests that Laurence hasn’t come out to his family and is trying to keep his relationship with Sean a secret.

We haven’t seen Laurence talk about Sean to anyone outside of Weatherfield.

Is he trying to keep his sexuality a secret from his friend, family and colleagues?

He made an excuse as to why he couldn’t go to Sean’s party, but what if that’s because he didn’t want to be seen at a big event with him?

Is he hiding his relationship with Sean from those back home?

Paige could play the heir to Pat Phelan's villain crown in Corrie (Credit: ITV)
Could he be the next Pat Phelan? (Credit: ITV)

4. He’s a serial killer

Another theory is that Laurence is a serial killer.

Even better still, what if he knows Pat Phelan and is using Sean as a way to get close to Eileen.

Could he be here to finish Eileen off?

Does Laurence have a dirty past that he’s keeping a secret from Sean?

His relationship with Sean seems too good to be true, but does Lawrence have an ulterior motive?

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