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James Bailey’s emotional farewell from Coronation Street tonight

What's next for James?

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In Coronation Street spoilers tonight (Monday 03 October), an emotional exit is on the cards as a cobbles resident suddenly leaves Weatherfield.

With an opening arising near Lewisham, James Bailey is set to leave the street for good.

How will his family take the news?

And, in other Coronation Street spoilers, Jenny fears that Glenda is out to get her when she takes a fall at the Rovers.

Is Glenda out to replace her Rovers rival?

Coronation Street James and The Baileys
James bids an emotional farewell as he leaves the street (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: James begins his next chapter

Tonight Ronnie tells James of a youth centre in Lewisham looking for a football coach.

As James has been looking for a new career, he promises to call them straight away.

Excited, James tells Ronnie that he got the job and is set to start tomorrow.

Now he has to break the news to his family.

In the bistro, James tells his family that he got a new job.

He explains that it means relocating to London.

Ed, Aggie, Michael and Dee-Dee bid an emotional farewell to James as he leaves the street.

Will he find happiness and satisfaction in London?

Coronation Street Dev, Glenda and Mary at The Rovers quiz night
As Glenda hosts the Rovers quiz night, Jenny fears that she is being shut out (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Jenny fears Glenda is out to replace her

Meanwhile Jenny fears that Glenda is trying to shut her out of the Rovers.

This begins as Glenda arrives at the Rovers dressed to the nines for the pub quiz night.

She is furious when she learns that Jenny is planning to host the event herself.

However, Jenny slips and twists her ankle on a recently mopped floor.

Taken to A&E by Daisy, Jenny is no longer able to host the quiz – and Glenda gets her wish.

When Jenny hears how popular the quiz night was, she wonders whether Glenda planned the accident.

Is Glenda out to get Jenny?

Coronation Street Stu, Yasmeen, Eliza and Bridget sit happily in Speed Daal
Stu and Eliza get on well (Credit: ITV)

Stu meets his granddaughter

A nervous Stu meets his daughter Eliza and things seem to go well.

But it’s not long before Stu’s ex-wife Lucy arrives and tells Bridget and Eliza to leave with her.

Stu is devastated as they go.

Meanwhile Dee-Dee tells Alya there’s no trace of Stu’s DNA on Charlie’s bag, but getting evidence re-tested will be expensive.

When Alya spots the women leaving the restaurant she accuses Lucy of hiding vital information linked to Stu’s case.

Believing Lucy knows more than she’s letting on, Alya is determined to find the money for the DNA test.

But Stu later tells Yasmeen and Alya that he no longer wants to pursue his case and wants to leave it in the past.

Coronation Street Bernie on the phone
Bernie gives Fern a call (Credit: ITV)

Bernie and Dev get back together

At No.7 Aadi encourages Dev to make a go of things with Bernie.

Dev goes to see Bernie and he tells her they should give things another go, leaving Bernie thrilled.

But when Dev says he feels uncomfortable at having Bernie working as his cleaner, she gives Fern a call asking for more work.

Coronation Street Ken and Wendy
Is Ken hiding his feelings for Wendy? (Credit: ITV)

Ken’s feelings for Wendy cause problems

In the café, Ken is looking over the Roxanna script.

But Brian accuses him of giving Wendy more lines because he likes her.

Ken denies Brian’s accusations but it’s clear Brian has hit a nerve.

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