Coronation Street spoilers: Peter Barlow leaves wife Carla after emotional heart-to-heart

Is he saying goodbye to Weatherfield forever or will he be back?

Coronation Street spoilers for Christmas have revealed that Peter Barlow is waving goodbye to the cobbles.

But is he going for good and what does this mean for his marriage to Carla?

Read on to find out in Coronation Street spoilers.

Carla talks to Peter, who looks upset, on Corrie
Peter is surprised by Carla’s Christmas present (Credit: ITV)

Christmas present

Things haven’t been great between Peter Barlow and his wife Carla since the shocking events surrounding Corrie killer Stephen Reid back in October.

Peter killed Stephen when he ran him over with his car, thinking he was going to attack Jenny.

Though the police didn’t charge Peter, he’s been struggling with the weight of his guilt ever since. He’s even been tempted to turn back to the booze.

And things have been tense between Peter and Carla because she’s been so focused on saving the factory after Stephen almost destroyed it.

So as Christmas Day dawns, it’s clear the pair have both been thinking about their future.

Peter gives Carla a silver bracelet inscribed ‘P loves C’ (Credit: ITV)

Festive feels in Coronation Street spoilers

Carla is touched by the gift. But when she reveals what she’s bought her husband, he’s shocked!

But what is the present and what does it mean for their future life together?

Peter gives Carla a gorgeous bracelet, but what is her present to him? (Credit: ITV)

The ghost of Christmas past

In an emotional episode on Boxing Day, Carla and Peter look back over their relationship and realise that though they will always love one another, they’re starting to think they would be better off apart.

The pair sit down together to eat a last supper and try to come to terms with a future without each other, as Peter prepares to wave goodbye to Coronation Street.

Carla and Peter know they’ll always love one another (Credit: ITV)

Sad goodbye

Decision made, Peter heads out of the flat with his luggage, closely followed by Carla.

And he’s touched and surprised to find his whole family waiting for him, ready to say goodbye. Except for son Simon – where’s he got to?

Peter says an emotional farewell to the Barlows, and promises dad Ken that he’ll keep in touch.

And then he’s off!

Will he be back? Or is this the last we’ll see of Peter Barlow? Sadly we can’t answer that – although the door is being left open for him!

Carla cuddling Peter on Coronation Street
Is this the last we’ll see of Peter Barlow? (Credit: ITV)

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