Every ‘inconsistency’ with the Princess of Wales’ Mother’s Day photo as she makes apology

From blurry hands to clothing blunders...

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The Princess of Wales has had to issue an apology about her recent Mother’s Day photo post, but did you spot the alleged editing inconsistencies that has caused controversy?

Kate took to social media on Monday morning to share a statement about her ‘amateur’ editing blunder. It came after a photo the Princess of Wales shared on Mother’s Day sparked backlash.

The name on everyone’s lips over the past two days has been Kate. With plenty of theories and rumours floating around, here’s the alleged editing inconsistencies that royal fans have spotted.

Princess of Wales apology statement on Instagram
The Princess of Wales issued an apology over the editing of the photo (Credit: Instagram/The Prince and Princess of Wales)

Princess of Wales edited photo

A new photo of Kate was shared alongside a personal message from her to mark Mother’s Day yesterday (March 10), after worrying the public amid her recovery from abdominal surgery.

However, the snap didn’t put social media users’ minds at rest. Instead they were left baffled by some alleged inconsistencies that plagued the image.

Since then, several major news agencies have withdrawn the photo, due to speculation that it has been “manipulated”. On first glance, the photo looks like a sweet image of Kate with her children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis – yet it seems there could be more than meets the eye.

So what are the inconsistencies with the image?

Kate, Princess of Wales, smiling blue outfit Christmas day
Kate has since issued a statement about the photo (Credit: Cover Images)

Kate Middleton’s photo editing ‘errors’

On further inspection, some eagle-eyed social media users noticed the disappearance of part of Princess Charlotte’s cuff of her jumper. The image seems blurry around the cuff too.

Princess Charlotte’s skirt also looks to be crumpled into a strange shape and the corners of the waist seem unusually straight. It also appears to overlap George’s hand slightly.

Meanwhile Kate’s outfit also sparked speculation as her boot seems strangely shaped, almost like the cuff of the boot ends twice.

Louis’ hands are also questionable as fans pointed out he is performing a “strange” crossed fingers gesture that hides some of his digits. His right thumb also seems slightly blurry. The knit design of his jumper also doesn’t link up on his right shoulder.

Meanwhile, others spotted the wonky shape of a ledge and step in the background as well as some missing paintwork on the windows behind the family.

Elsewhere there was blurriness to the image, with Kate’s jumper seeming to lack a blur whilst her right hand was extremely blurry. Some social media users claim that George’s jumper looks artificial on his right arm too.

Both Kate and Charlotte’s hair also suffer abrupt edges and blurriness. Another glaring detail is Kate’s lack of her wedding ring.

Meanwhile, some social media users noticed the trees in the background and questioned whether there would be such vibrant and full leaves at this time of year.

Princess of Wales photo apology

Kate has since issued a statement, explaining her editing mishap. She wrote to social media: “Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing.

I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused.

“I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused.

“I hope everyone celebrating had a very happy Mother’s Day.”

The note was signed off “C”, for Catherine.

It comes after the Princess of Wales underwent surgery in January. She has since been recovering and therefore isn’t expected to return to royal duties until after Easter.

ED! has contacted Kensington Palace for comment.

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