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Vinnie Jones deals with wife Tanya’s death by ‘keeping busy’ as he shares advice for people grieving

The actor's partner died in 2019

Vinnie Jones, whose wife Tanya died last year, has shared a message of support to fans who are dealing with grief.

The actor and former footballer, 55, told his social media followers this week (Wednesday, December 30) how he looks after his mental health when it starts to dip during what can be a tough time of year.

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Actor Vinnie Jones’ wife Tanya died last year (Credit: PALACE LEE /

What did Vinnie Jones say about his wife Tanya?

In a heartfelt video posted to Instagram, Vinnie said he is working on “keeping busy” and goes outdoors where possible.

He wrote in the caption of the video, alongside several mental health hashtags: “Just a reminder that this time of year is hard for some. Talking and keeping busy often helps. @strongmenorguk is a great charity among others out there to help.

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“I’m trying to keep as busy as I can and get outdoors.”

In the video, Vinnie says: “Just a quick note to say that although it is great times for some people, it’s not so good for others.

“Stay strong, speak to people, if you’ve got some mental health issues, if you’re feeling down, if you’ve got grief, StrongMen is a great charity and there are others charities out there.

Just a reminder that this time of year is hard for some. Talking and keeping busy often helps.

“I’m just keeping busy, doing as much as I can for as long as I can. Obviously locked down, but just keep busy, do some things around the house, do some painting, get out in the countryside, walk around the park, take the dog for a walk

“Keep yourself busy everyone.”

vinnie jones wife
Vinnie Jones broke down in tears on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories (Credit: ITV)

What did Vinnie Jones’ fans say?

In the comments, Vinnie’s fans thanked him for sharing such helpful advice.

One said: “Thank you for your very positive message, Vinnie.”

Another echoed that, writing: “Thank you, Vinnie, I’m feeling it this time, your words are much appreciated.”

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A third put: “Great words, look after yourself.”

Someone else said: “Good advice, Vinnie.”

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Vinnie’s wife died at their home in Los Angeles (Credit:

Tanya Jones died ‘peacefully at home’

Vinnie’s wife, Tanya, died in July 2019. A statement from his management at the time read: “At 8.46am local time in Los Angeles on Saturday July 6, Vinnie Jones’s wife, Tanya Jones, passed away after a long illness.

“Tanya passed peacefully at the Jones family home surrounded by Vinnie, their daughter and other family members.”


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