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This Morning star Lisa Snowdon reveals ‘abusive’ ex broke her arm

She didn't tell anyone because he said he'd kill them

This Morning fashion presenter Lisa Snowdon has revealed the domestic abuse she suffered at the hands of an ex.

She said it took places when she was a young model and she stayed silent for years because he threatened to kill anyone she told.

It got so bad that Lisa was left with a broken arm and a black eye.

The This Morning star said she tried to escape her abuser multiple times after mental abuse turned physical.

red carpet shot of Lisa snowdon
This Morning star Lisa Snowdon has opened up about a previous relationship where she suffered domestic abuse (Credit: Splash News)

What did Lisa Snowdon say about the relationship?

Lisa chatted to life coach Jill Ritchie on the She Loves Herself podcast.

She revealed: “I was in a really bad relationship at the time which began with being mentally abusive and then was physically abusive, it was like my escapism when I went into work.”

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Lisa continued: “When we were first together there was lots of attention and the child in you who has craved that love for so long is so happy and it’s just like love me love me love me…

“But then eventually the attention you are getting from that person turns into a black eye, and somewhere in you, you are so damaged that you believe this is still a sign of affection, this is still attention so you stay there.”

this morning Lisa snowdon
Lisa presents the fashion segments on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

This Morning star ‘begged’ a friend to help

Lisa revealed that, in the end, she went to a mutual friend and “begged him to help”.

“At first he was wary because he was friends with both of us.

“I said to him: ‘I really need your help, I had a broken arm I had a black eye.'”

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After being “dragged back” to the home they shared numerous times when she tried to run away, Lisa eventually got free with the help of her friend.

“He would find me, whether it be in the middle of the street, wherever, and he would drag me back with him. He wouldn’t care if anybody saw.

“Then this particular day, I knew he was out and I called that friend and I was like: ‘Now!’

I said to him: ‘I really need your help, I had a broken arm I had a black eye.’

“So I was stuffing stuff into black bin liners and I probably should’ve left it, but as I had paid for everything, I was like, no, I want it.

“As we were leaving and walking down the street with the last set of bags we saw another mutual friend of ours, and he was like: ‘What are you doing?’

“I just went completely white, and he looked at us, and we just ran. God, it just brings back so many awful memories.”

Why she kept the abuse quiet for so long

Lisa, who is now happily engaged to fiancé George Smart, also revealed why she kept quiet for so many years.

“He actually told me that if I told anyone he would kill them as well,” she said.

“He was very specific about how he would do it and I knew he had the capacity to hurt people, so I was just too terrified to ever tell them.”

She said it took a lot to let fiancé George in when they first got together.

She also admitted that she has had counselling to try and deal with the attacks.


If you or someone you know if suffering from domestic abuse, contact Refuge on the website here or call 0808 2000 247 for free 24 hours a day.

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Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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