Terry Lubbock passes away at 76 after seeking justice for son’s mysterious death in Barrymore’s pool

A man was arrested in March 2021

Terry Lubbock, the father of Stuart Lubbock, has died aged 76 after a battle with terminal cancer.

Terry campaigned for justice for his son after he was found drowned in Michael Barrymore‘s swimming pool in 2001.

Sadly, Terry will never know how his son really died. But what happened to Stuart?

Terry Lubbock death: Has anyone been arrested for Stuart Lubbock's murder?
Terry Lubbock has died (Credit: Ben Cawthra/Shutterstock)

Terry Lubbock death: How did son Stuart Lubbock die?

Stuart died under suspicious circumstances on March 31, 2001, after being found in the swimming pool of Mr Barrymore.

Mr Barrymore and two others reported finding Stuart face down in the pool, wearing only a pair of boxer shorts.

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Stuart had gone to Mr Barrymore’s Essex home after they had met in a club the night before. They went back to Mr Barrymore’s place to carry on partying.

But the night ended in tragedy.

Disturbingly, the hospital pathologist found that Stuart had “serious” anal injuries, with traces of ecstasy, cocaine and alcohol in his blood.

Terry Lubbock death: Has anyone been arrested for Stuart Lubbock's murder?
Stuart died in 2001 (Credit: ITV News/YouTube)

What happened to Stuart Lubbock?

A 2002 inquest reached an open verdict.

The Coroner at the time said: “None of these witnesses who were party guests for three hours have given to this court an explanation about how Stuart Lubbock…

“… a previously fit 31-year old, should be found floating in a swimming pool at the premises with a significant level of alcohol and drugs in his system and have serious anal injuries.”

Meanwhile, Essex police reportedly failed to call a witness from the hospital, who under sworn statement said that Stuart did not have anal injuries at the time of death.

Subsequently, the criminal investigation became dropped.

Terry Lubbock death: Has anyone been arrested for Stuart Lubbock's murder?
Mr Barrymore became arrested but later released without charge (Credit:

Michael Barrymore arrest

In 2006, Terry and his family launched a private investigation.

It called for the arrest of Michael Barrymore.

During the initial investigation, Mr Barrymore’s ex-partner Jonathan Kenney and party attendee Kyle Justin Merrett became arrested.

They later became released.

In 2006, Kylie Merrett was arrested for perjury but was released again after the charges were dropped.

And in 2007, Michael Barrymore became arrested for Stuart’s murder, but later released after being questioned.

What is the latest on the case?

So where are we now with Stuart’s tragic death 20 years on?

In February 2020 Channel 4 aired a documentary about the incident.

Thanks to this and a new appeal and reward from the police, new information led to the arrest of a 50-year-old man from Cheshire.

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The police are currently preparing the case ready for submission to the Crown Prosecution Service.

Man arrested over Stuart Lubbock death at Michael Barrymore’s home in 2001 | ITV News

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