Simon Cowell looks wary, his son Eric looks into the middle distance

Simon Cowell admits fears son Eric didn’t like him: ‘I wasn’t getting a reaction’

Shared disappointment in an interview

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Simon Cowell has previously made a sad admission about his son Eric after sharing his fears with partner Lauren Silverman.

In an interview in 2016, Simon revealed his disappointment at how he felt he was failing to make an impression on his baby boy.

Simon Cowell smiles alongside Lauren Silverman
Simon Cowell shares a nine-year-old son with Lauren Silverman (Credit:

Simon Cowell on his son Eric

Simon’s Eric, whose mother is Lauren Silverman, was born in February 2014, meaning he is now nine years old.

According to reports from 2021, Eric may already be on the way to becoming a budding business mogul himself. That’s because the young lad has been tipped to work on a seven book series called Wishfits with Simon. However, at the time, it was noted the release may have been put back until 2023.

But before such reports about Eric’s own entrepreneurialism were doing the rounds, Simon had voiced some fears about his son. They came when Eric was just two – and were made in regards to how Simon and his son bonded when Eric was a baby.

Simon told back in March 2016: “For six months after Eric was born, I kept saying to Lauren: ‘I don’t think he likes me.'”

I wasn’t getting a reaction. Then one day, it clicked.

He recalled: “I wasn’t getting a reaction. Then one day, it clicked.”

Simon Cowell poses with partner Lauren Silverman and son Eric
Simon Cowell poses with partner Lauren and their son Eric (Credit: Cover Images)

How many children does Simon Cowell have?

Simon is a father to Eric alone – he doesn’t have any other children. However, according to reports, he may be broody for more. Last month, he hinted to The Sun he has been thinking about becoming a dad again.

Simon told the tabloid: “Just two days ago I was thinking: ‘It would be nice to have another.'”

“You never know with kids if they’re happy being on their own or how would [Eric] feel if there was another one?” Simon pondered. He went on: “So look, will it happen? I don’t know. But I would love another kid. I really like being a dad.”

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