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I am Madeleine McCann: Girl who thinks she’s Kate and Gerry McCann’s missing child begs for help

'Julia' wants to take a DNA test

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In the latest Madeleine McCann news, a Polish girl has claimed that she thinks she is Kate and Gerry McCann’s missing daughter.

Madeleine went missing in Portugal in May 2007 when she was three. She would be 19 years old now.

This week, posts on social media account @iammadeleinemccann came to light.

Images claiming to point out similarities between Madeleine and the girl were shared, along with a plea from the girl for “help”.

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A girl has come forward claiming to be missing Madeleine McCann (Credit: Jamie Jones/Shutterstock)

Madeleine McCann news: Polish girl thinks she might be missing Maddie

In posts made on Instagram and Tik Tok, the girl, called Julia, claims she’s unsure of her real identity or age.

She explains her traumatic back story and reveals the Maddie connection came to light after “something I heard from my grandma”.

In the bio of her Instagram page, Julia shares a plea for help and a desire to contact Kate and Gerry McCann.

It reads: “I think I can be Madeleine. I need DNA test. Police investigators from UK and Poland try to ignore me. I will tell my story in posts here. Help me.”

I think I can be Madeleine. I need DNA test.

The posts go on to show “spots” on Julia’s body that appear similar to those Madeleine was known to have.

She also claims that she has the same eye condition that Madeleine had.

Julia also shared posts as herself as a child alongside pictures of Madeleine.

Pictures of Kate and Gerry McCann alongside Julia, to show their similar looks, were also posted.

Julia hits out over backlash

In a post shared last night, she responded to backlash she’s received about the posts.

Sharing a picture of herself and one of Madeleine, she wrote: “Thank you for support that you give me and for haters I have to say that I am not kidding and I truly believe that I can be her.

“I didn’t take money from anyone and I am not going to do this because police should do DNA test to me and compare it with Kate and Gerry McCann DNA.”

Sick I am Madeleine Tik Tok trend

However, Julia isn’t the first girl that has claimed to be missing Madeleine.

Back in 2021, a sick trend swept Tik Tok where girls claimed to be Madeleine.

One said: “My mates joke about me being Madeleine McCann.”

The girl also claimed she was staying in the Portuguese resort that Madeleine disappeared from at the time.

However, as the trend gained speed, many slammed it as sick.

“On which planet is this considered funny?” asked one.

Kate and Gerry McCann looking upset
The parents of Madeleine McCann have been urged by the girl to consider a DNA test (Credit: Splash News)

Girl claims she’s Madeleine McCann

Five years ago, a student named Harriet went viral after her friend pointed out she looked similar to Madeleine.

She pointed out the spot on her leg and the eye condition.

Harriet later admitted: “I just sent it for a joke.

“I’m loving reading people’s reactions. I feel like so many people are taking it seriously.”

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