Linda Nolan on heartbreaking cancer death: ‘She is my inspiration now’

The two women used to wave at each other while having chemo

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Singer Linda Nolan has revealed that a letter from a man who recently lost his wife to cancer has left her incredibly “moved”.

Linda, who has incurable cancer, was given the note when she visited the hospital for chemotherapy earlier this week.

She explained that the man had recently lost his wife of 46 years but that Linda’s bravery and determination to live her life despite her diagnosis left the both “inspired”.

Linda Nolan in a pink top walking with a stick
Linda Nolan is an inspiration to many for her attitude to her incurable cancer diagnosis (Credit: Splash News)

Linda Nolan in ‘pretty bad’ pain from cancer treatment

Writing in her column for the Mirror, Linda gave a health update and said she hasn’t been too well since the chemo.

“I’ve been up all night with neuropathic pain in my feet from Monday’s chemo. I’m now wearing the special compression socks Denise gave me for Christmas which have cut outs where the toes should be. Looking at those sausages is almost as bad as the pain! And it is real pain, pretty bad, but the letter in my hand is helping.”

She then went on to explain that the nurses on the ward handed it to her when she went in.

Linda continued that it was “from a gentleman I’ve never met who wanted to thank me, and I can’t tell you how moved I am by it”.

The letter explained that the man’s wife of 46 years died in October after her own cancer diagnosis, and he told Linda that her “inspiration to fight was me”.

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‘This is what I’ve achieved’

The letter went on to explain that whenever anyone asked how she was, the woman would say she was “doing a Linda Nolan”.

“They used to see me when I came in for chemo and they’d wave and I’d always wave back. Somehow, it was the thought of how I approach my illness that pushed her to keep going. He urged me to ‘keep on inspiring’ – but he and his late wife have inspired me more than he could know,” she said.

Linda said that the letter caused her to look back and ask herself what she’d achieved during her long career in showbiz.

“And then I receive a letter like this and realise that this is what I have achieved. I talk about my cancer to try and help others to keep going, to keep popping some blusher on, to keep getting out and seeing folk. I have so much to be grateful for, that I can do this for someone else. This gentleman’s wife will be my inspiration now. From this point on, I’ll be doing a Linda Nolan,” she said.

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