Great British Bake Off star labelled a “peacocking manchild” in ASTONISHING attack

Their Bake Off decision has polarised the public... and celebrities

Blimey! Watching the Great British Bake Off fall apart the way it has been this week has been simply astonishing.

Surely a lesson to be learned for any production companies in the future wanting extra dollar for their concept.

It was bad enough when Mel and Sue announced their split from the show, but when Dame Mary Berry (yeah, we know she’s not a real dame yet – but give it time) threw in the towel, we knew trouble was ahead.

But we will still have Paul Hollywood on the show, so that’s good right?

Er, not so. It would seem fans of the show who do not want to see change are furious with Paul and that includes former GBBO runner-up Ruby Tandoh.

She has branded him a “peacocking manchild” and accusing him of doing it for the money.

The 2013 finalist raged on Twitter: “Ahhhhhh a peacocking manchild lingering wherever the money is, I am shocked.”

But that wasn’t all.

“This,” she went on, “from a man who turned up to work revving a rental lamborghini. or was it a ferrari. I don’t remember, the air was thick w testosterone.(sic)”

Ruby then went on to alienate anyone who watches TOWIE by quoting Moby Dick.

“Call me ishmael,” she began, referencing the only crew member to survive the book’s troubled ship.

“My child, it was a dark time: shirts tucked into bootcut jeans and the season’s first dusting of spray tan on the ground…

“We locked in battle with a mythic beast, both bright white and mahogany, man and baby, ego and terrible, terrible fragility all at once.”

She gallantly ended her rant with: “I will be told off for this. I did it all for you my friends.”

But she ain’t happy with Paul. But then it would seem others aren’t so happy either.

Taking to Twitter, @samandamy wrote: “The question we’re asking this morning: Is Paul Hollywood the most evil man in Britain? Too far?”

While @baddiel said: “Meanwhile, I hear The Big-B*ll*cked Squirrel *is* definitely going with GBBO to C4. Although not sure everyone calls Paul Hollywood that.”

‪ It seems that @SBridgeRantBoy has seen enough of him: “#GBBO‬‪ Paul Hollywood was a suntanned, Scouse, nobody before so it’s no surprise the vain chubster has jumped ship – good riddance to both…‬‬”

Who would’ve thought a cooking show could cause such divisions in the nation.

Christian Guiltenane
Freelance Writer

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