This Morning viewers bemused as Ruth and Eamonn eat salmon cooked in a DISHWASHER!

Saves on the, er, washing up!

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This Morning never ceases to amaze us.

If it’s not a pony relieving itself on the studio carpet or a woman heaving her record breaking breasts on to the couch, then the team will dream up a segment that leaves viewers and its hosts bewildered.

And today was no exception.

Not long after Ruth and Eamonn had covered a discussion about the manopause, which had some viewers up in arms, they settled down to a good old-fashioned cookery segment with John Torode.

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Only the tucker that was being served up wasn’t cooked the way any one of us would normally do so.

No, John poached the succulent looking fillets in a dishwasher!

The idea had been suggested to him earlier in the week and he told viewers that salmon could be cooked to perfection using the steam from a dishwasher if the oven was full.

“Say for Christmas when you want your whole decorated salmon,” John said. “You can’t fit it in a pot, you can’t fit it in the oven.

“The dishwasher! Seriously, wrap it in foil. Put some lemons in the middle. Wrap the whole lot up. Get a load of foil. Top of the dishwasher, hottest one for the whole cycle.”


And as you can expect Eamonn reacted in only the way he knows how – sarky!

“It tastes a bit soapy,” he teased.

But it would seem he was joking as Ruth scolded him and said, “It doesn’t.”

Trying to put the thought of how the salmon had been cooked out of his head, he told John: “If you didn’t tell me how it was cooked how on Earth would I know?|

Viewers were stunned by the segment with many saying they’d never cook food in a dishwasher.

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“Who cooks salmon in the dishwasher,” a Twitter called Danielle asked.

Another echoed: “Who in they right mind wants to cook their food in a dishwater!”

A third tried to imagine what the salmon must taste like, commenting: “All that salt and rinse aid going around in the that dishwasher!”

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