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Chris Eubank desperate for ‘truth’ and ‘justice’ following death of his son, aged 29

Sebastian Eubank tragically drowned two years ago

Chris Eubank has said that he is desperate for “justice” following the death of his son.

Sebastian Eubank tragically drowned in July 2021 at the Caesars Palace resort in Dubai. He reportedly suffered a cardiac arrest while watching the sunset and fell back into the shallows of the sea. A post-mortem later revealed that the 29 year old had a pre-existing heart condition that he did not know about.

Sebastian Eubank
Chris Eubank’s third eldest son, Sebastian, died in July 2021 (Credit: YouTube)

It has since been claimed that lifeguards failed to pay him adequate attention and missed an opportunity to save his life. Two years on, his boxing star father has demanded “truth and justice”.

Chris Eubank’s “fight for justice” over death of son

A court writ, seen by The Mirror, has now alleged wrongful death by negligence by Ceasars Entertainment, the management company for the Cesars Palace resort where Sebastian died. Papers were filed by lawyers on Friday at a court in Nevada where the company is based.

The writ alleges: “The lifeguards were not paying attention and/or were fatigued and/or had been insufficiently trained to protect guests.”

Legal papers claim that lifeguards on the beach, which was monitored by CCTV, found Sebastian’s ID and belongings but left without searching for him. Sebastian was then found dead the following morning, just days before he was due to turn 30. Lawyers are claiming that Chris’s son could have survived if they had acted quicker.

Chris Eubank
Chris Eubank has demanded “justice” over the death of his son (Credit: ITV)

Chris told The Mirror yesterday that he supports the litigation put forward by Sebastian’s widow.

He said: “This is our chance for truth and justice. We will fight until we have that for Sebastian’s memory. All we’ve wanted since Sebastian died is to understand why it happened, and we are getting close.”

This is our chance for truth and justice

He continued: “The case is a chance for us to fight on Sebastian’s behalf for the truth to come out. And if a court finds his death could have been avoided, it’s a chance for someone to take responsibility and for us to get justice. We can’t bring Sebastian back, but we can do this for him.”

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