MAFS UK viewers left baffled over Peggy’s ‘real age’

Some people can't believe it...

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MAFS UK viewers are all wondering the same thing about Peggy after discovering her age.

Peggy has had a bit of a tough time on the show after viewers turned against her following her wedding to Georges. Some people branded Peggy a ‘red flag’ when she clashed with Georges over a hypothetical OnlyFans debate.

She fumed at Georges during their honeymoon: “The fact that you said you’d be okay with me doing it [OnlyFans], that doesn’t bode well with me.”

But now viewers are over talking about that situ, and many are wondering about something else…

Peggy speaking on MAFS UK
Peggy is 32 (Credit: E4)

Peggy on MAFS UK

When she was introduced on Married at First Sight UK, Peggy’s age was revealed. She’s 32.

But some viewers aren’t so convinced and have been discussing it on X – formerly known as Twitter.

One person questioned: “Are we sure Peggy is 32? #MAFSUK.”

Another wrote: “I just spat my drink out over the floor watching #MAFSUK Peggy just said she was 32.”

Someone else tweeted: “Gonna be a bit mean but I’m shocked Peggy is 32.”

Peggy smiling at wedding on MAFS UK
Some viewers can’t believe Peggy’s age (Credit: E4)

Another added: “I refuse to believe that Peggy is 32 #MAFSUK.” 

However, someone else pointed out: “Peggy was 19 on Take Me Out in 2012 sooooooo yip she’d be 32.”

I refuse to believe that Peggy is 32. 

Elsewhere, Peggy has received much support throughout her time on the show after her wedding to Georges. Many weren’t impressed with his remarks about what he wants in a woman.

But Peggy did spark some backlash this week following the OnlyFans conversation. During their honeymoon in Thailand, topic turned to the adult website.

Georges on MAFS UK
Peggy married Georges on MAFS UK (Credit: E4)

Georges told his new wife that if she wanted to post adult content online, he would back her and support her. But Peggy wasn’t impressed.

She fired back: “The fact that you said you’d be okay with me doing it [OnlyFans], that doesn’t bode well with me.” She later stormed off.

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But during last night’s first commitment ceremony, both Peggy and Georges decided to stay in the marriage so let’s hope for a better week!

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