Holly Willoughby looks pained as she makes This Morning, Alison Hammond looks at the camera

Bad news for Holly Willoughby as her This Morning return sparks backlash: ‘Turned off!’

What did you make of her comeback?

Holly Willoughby returned to This Morning on ITV today (Monday September 4) following her lengthy summer break.

The 42-year-old presenter last co-hosted the daytime show in early July. However, at the time, she didn’t mention she was signing off for a couple of months.

It was also reported around the time of her most recent presenting appearance that Holly wouldn’t be back on the box until September. It is believed this hiatus from This Morning has been slightly longer than the six weeks she is thought to have had for holiday in the summer months in previous years.

But now, Holly has made her comeback. Unfortunately for her, some viewers had mixed reactions to seeing her on their screens again.

Holly Willoughby speaks to the camera on her This Morning return today
Alison Hammond joined Holly Willoughby on the This Morning sofa today as Holly made her return after her summer break (Credit: ITV.com)

Holly Willoughby returns to This Morning today

Indeed, within moments of Holly popping up, some of those watching at home took to Twitter to make it clear they wouldn’t continue doing so.

“I’ve just switched off when I saw Holly was back on,” one non-fan tweeted at the show’s account.

I’ve just switched off when I saw Holly was back on.

Someone else posted: “Switched off within five minutes due to same old, same old – bring back Andi Peters.”

Another put it: “Just turned off @thismorning! OMG dump Holly and bring back Alison, Dermot, Steve Jones, Rochelle, Andi. They were all so natural and didn’t need a big fanfare, let-down intro!”

“We had good presenters on Holly was not missed. Viewers are turning off,” claimed a fourth.

‘Boot out Holly’

One unimpressed observer even called for Holly to not be considered for future episodes.

“Make Alison Hammond host and boot out Holly Willoughby #ThisMorning,” they tweeted.

And another claimed: “Holly and Alison are def giving me a ‘trying too hard’ vibe this morning. I am missing the easy rapport between Andi and Rochelle, or Craig and Josie, even Alison is better when with Dermot. Just give Craig and Josie the gig and be done with it #ThisMorning.”

Alison Hammond sits alongside Holly Willoughby as she makes This Morning return
One fan tweeted: ‘My mornings have just got brighter’ (Credit: ITV.com)

However, there were some social media users pleased to see Holly again.

One fan said: “#ThisMorning loving Alison and Holly presenting together @thismorning.”

“Good to see Holly back. My mornings have just got brighter,” wrote another.

And one follower commented on Instagram: “Great! So good to see you Holly!”

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This Morning airs on ITV, weekdays, from 10am.

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